Starting Points

by Lisa on Saturday: Oct 08, 2011

As promised yesterday, I officially weighed in for the first time.

Starting weight on 10/8/11: 144.4

Goal weight by 1/1/12: 130

I have close to 15 pounds to lose, and I’d ideally like to reach this first goal by the new year. My ideal body weight for my height is somewhere around 126, so once January comes around, I’ll reassess where I am and how I’m going to move forward. But for now, 130 would be amazing. I haven’t been that low since high school. When I lost weight last year, the lowest I was able to get was 133.2 and I felt great at that weight.

I’m still fighting this cold, and I’m hoping it’s on its last legs at this point. Monday is the kick off of this project, no matter what.

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