Baking and Disney World

by Lisa on Sunday: Nov 06, 2011

I haven’t gotten to post any pics on the blog yet, so I’m making up for it today! Yesterday, I decided to bake up some peanut butter cookie dough balls, courtesy of the Peas and Thank You cookbook. They came out deliciously and even though D was a big hesitant at first, since the recipe came from a vegan cookbook, he loved them.

Before going in the oven...

All done and ready to eat...

I’d highly recommend whipping these up if you have the book. Delicious!

Before I started this blog, D and I took a big vacation to Disney World (I mentioned this in some of my first entries). At some point, I’ll add a few stories from our trip, but for now, here are a few pics from our adventures:

Epcot - the view from World Showcase

Disney Hollywood Studios

The Tower of Terror (we were too scared to go on lol)

The castle at Magic Kingdom

Some palm trees the day we left Florida

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