Blah Thursdays

by Lisa on Thursday: Nov 10, 2011

Today has been a relatively uneventful day (so far…). I had weird dreams last night about some version of Disney World that I was visiting with my parents, in addition to looking at old pictures of our previous trips. I woke up feeling way too tired and too full from last night. Because we were out until almost 9, we had a very late dinner and apparently I didn’t get enough time to digest it before bed. That slowed me down just a bit more.

However, I did get to the gym during lunch where I did 40 minutes on the elliptical and some weights and crunches. The elliptical was hard on me today for some reason, and my heart rate got too high for the amount of work I was doing. I’m beginning to think how rested I am is in direct proportion to how high my heart rate goes when I’m working out that day.

Thankfully, tomorrow is Friday! It’s going to be another quiet weekend over here. Does anyone have any exciting plans?


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