Colds are not cool

by Lisa on Sunday: Dec 18, 2011

Friday night, my brother came over to work on some music projects with D, and we had a little party with the 3 of us, some takeout and lots of music. The only problem there was that on Friday morning, I had woken up with a very dry/sore throat and throughout the day, it didn’t get better. By the end of the night, I was coughing and sneezing and because we were having a good time, we ended up staying up until after 1. Saturday morning, I was without a doubt sick.

Not good timing obviously, because the holidays are less than a week away now and when I get sick, I tend to stay sick for a frustratingly long time.

D is going to visit his family today, so I’ve got the apartment to myself and I plan on just camping out on the couch, maybe catching up on some dvds (I’ve got season 6 of Lost lined up) and of course, eating. Because of this new cold, I’m going to have to hold off on working out for the week so my body can recover, but maybe having to take a break will revitalize me afterward. After all, the end of the year is coming and that means new year’s resolutions. I don’t usually like to wait until new year’s to start working on new goals for myself, but since it’s already practically here, it only makes sense to use it as a brand new start.

I hope everyone’s having a great weekend!

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  1. Feel better soon! =( Found you through Mingle Monday! Take care!

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