We’re going to Vegas, baby!

by Lisa on Tuesday: Apr 17, 2012

D and I have been talking about going on a trip to Vegas practically since we met nearly 3 years ago. For one reason or another, we just haven’t been able to get a trip planned out and kept pushing it off… that is until now! In less than 2 months, we’ll be heading out west to gamble and take a week off from life. I’m extremely excited, as I’ve always wanted to go. For one thing, I’ve only ever been to one location in the west and that was a quick 2 day business trip to Seattle. For another thing, I enjoy casinos, playing cards, the excitement, the noise and the opportunity to eat at exotic new restaurants!

I downloaded a countdown widget for my phone and I’m letting this trip be a new goal for my Ms. Marvel Project. I want to lose at least 5 pounds by the time we leave. It would be great if I could do more than 5, but I’m being realistic here, based on how I know weight loss + Lisa ends up usually going.

Here is my new starting point:

Today’s weight – 147.6
Goal weight – 142.6

I have two months to do it and with some motivation and inspiration I know it will be possible.

Over here in Boston, it’s been pretend summer this week with temperatures getting up to almost 90 degrees yesterday. The drastic changes in weather have been taking a toll on me and I’ve come down with a bit of a cold, mixed with some lovely spring allergies. Needless to say, I’ve been sort of miserable as a result. I need this cold to go away at least a little before I jump into my new workout routine.

Anyone out there been to Vegas? Any suggestions for fun things to do while we’re there??

3 Responses to “We’re going to Vegas, baby!”

  1. Nekky says:

    I’m just like you. I’ve always wanted to be in Vegas but something always come inbetween. From the look of things, I won’t be there in the next 24months. Happy you are finally going there.
    Thanks for linking up at Get Connected Tuesday Blog Hop.

  2. Dana lang says:

    I have never been but the girl that I work with will be going next week! When she gets back I will ask her for you 🙂
    I have always said if I were to go to Vegas, I would definitely have too see Cirque Du Soliel, I’ve always wanted to see it, it looks amazing to me and that would be #1 on my list!

  3. Imron says:

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