Using Sunday to its fullest potential

by Lisa on Sunday: Aug 05, 2012

Sundays have a long history of being a somewhat depressing day with the knowledge that the weekend is about to come to a close and another long week is looming ahead. I have often felt these Sunday blues and it’s hard to know what to do about them. One thing that helps me feel better about the long week ahead is knowing I’ve made my life easier by preparing a food and fitness plan for the week ahead.

I don’t always do this, but I really should more often because you wouldn’t believe how much it helps. One thing that I do consistently is to make sure all lunches for the 5 days ahead are packed and organized in the fridge.

I like to take a variety of lunches to work, so usually I’ll throw together a few salads and a few sandwiches. I’ve started buying a big head of lettuce and washing/chopping it all at once and storing it in a big tupperware container. Then I also chop up every other veggie that looked good to me that week at the store. This week we have: broccoli, green peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms plus (in the non-veggie category) some cheddar cheese and tofurkey for some fat and protein.

Another thing I will do on occasion is make a very large dinner on Sunday night that we can continue to have as leftovers for the next several days.

Of course, we all fall prey to the siren song of takeout during a busy work week, but for me, the best remedy for this is to write out a plan for each dinner throughout the week.

I don’t always plan out my fitness ahead of time (in fact, it’s been way too long since I did!), but when I do, I’m almost always more successful. As one of my favorite bloggers, the Fitnessista always says: planning things out ahead of time will increase your chances of success!

So, in that vein, here is my fitness plan for the week:

Monday: elliptical workout during lunch + pushups
Tuesday: elliptical and weights during lunch
Wednesday: zumba wii before work + pushups
Thursday: elliptical workout during lunch
Friday: elliptical and weights during lunch + pushups
Saturday: 30 min exercise bike

Let’s see if I can stick to it!

What do you do on Sundays to prepare for the week?

6 Responses to “Using Sunday to its fullest potential”

  1. Michele B says:

    Normally Sunday is a day to relax. We are so busy Monday through Saturday that by Sunday I am whipped. I really do need to use Sunday as a day to prepare for the rest of the week but the most I really do is assure that hubby has work clothes ready for his shift on Mondays and that I have something to make for his lunch.

  2. Good luck with you exercise plan, I always try to plan my workouts on Sunday too 🙂

  3. So true! I know, though I have a source of inspiration on Sunday, that it signals the end of my resting time and I end up, like you said, a bit depressed; like after a holiday or party, Sundays are sometimes like the beautiful letdown! I think that if I DID use this time to prep for the week, I’d probably be more relaxed…
    Thank you for posting!

    I’m very glad I found you through the Tuesday Link Up and can’t wait to read more…
    Hoping you’ll stop by and visit our new, little blog sometime.

    • Lisa says:

      Thank you so much for stopping by! I do feel the same way after a vacation/holiday as I do on Sundays. It’s hard to get motivated, but is worth it if you can do some prep work for the week!

  4. Christina says:

    I’ve always found I’m WAY more successful in getting anything done if it’s planned in advance. Although I don’t plan my workouts, meal planning saves my sanity and my wallet every single week 🙂

  5. What do I do? I whine and lament the fact that the weekend is over? LOL It’s far less productive than you. I wish I could be as organized and motivated as you! I’m jealous! Most days it’s hard enough to find energy to get out of bed!

    Have a good weekend!

    P.S. Thanks for linking up to the GtKY Blog Hop! 🙂

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