Where did the summer go?

by Lisa on Wednesday: Aug 15, 2012

I looked at the calendar today and couldn’t believe my eyes to see that it’s already halfway through August. I can’t help but wonder: where did the summer go? And for that matter, where did 2012 go?

Though summertime doesn’t have the same carefree, ecstatically happy appeal it did when we were kids and had the entire summer to do absolutely nothing, it still is my favorite season. I love the heat (as long as there is the option to have air conditioning inside) and will actually look for excuses to go outside during the summer months, whereas for the remainder of the year, I look for any excuse not to. Sometimes I wonder if I should just pack it in and move to Florida already.

But I can’t help but feel that summer goes by too quickly and whenever it does, I look back and always seem to feel that I didn’t use these precious months to their fullest potential. I think it’s time to look back and remind myself of all the things I did:

– In June, went to Vegas for one week (you know how I just said I love the heat? well this heat was the kind that felt like it would set my skin on fire!)

– Went to many, many concerts including the Warped Tour last month

– Got to enjoy a decent amount of thunderstorms (LOVE those – another reason I should move to Florida)

– Attended a few family cookouts

– Started this new blog!

I feel like there’s still so much to do, but I suppose that never changes, right? There’s still a month or so to go of summer weather and I also have my birthday to look forward to in less than 2 weeks. Last year on my birthday, there was a hurricane, and we had to stay hunkered down inside the apartment all day. Let’s hope I get to do something a little more fun this year!

What’s something you’re still looking forward to before the summer ends?

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