August Workout Retrospective

by Lisa on Friday: Aug 24, 2012

During the last week of July, I unfortunately got hit with one of those random summer colds. It lasted about a week, and then the first week of August, I kind of used that as an excuse to be lazy and stay out of the gym. Momentum is a funny thing, and I knew that if I didn’t do something right then, I would continue to let the laziness take over. After this post where I planned a week’s worth of workouts in advance, the change was made!

I followed that plan that week and since them I’ve been rotating through a few different types of workouts:

– 45 minutes elliptical workouts during lunch
– Alternating days of 35 minute elliptical workouts followed by weights
– Playing Just Dance on the Wii (which has been a TON of fun and I don’t even realize the time is going by)
– Workouts on the exercise bike (these have been the least frequent)
– Treadmill workouts where I do a combo of running/walking

With these workouts in rotation, I was able to get in 5 days of workouts last week and 6 days of workouts the week before that! Using my Cardio Trainer app, I’ve been able to see what my total calories burned are for the month as a whole and so far I’ve burned more during the month of August than I have in any month since I started tracking (in April), with the exception of one. My goal is to beat that other month out before August is over!

What have I seen for results? Well, not a whole lot is happening on the scale, but I can tell my body is changing and I’m feeling more lean and less “squishy”. Workouts during lunch seem to be the key for me and are the best way for me to get in a reliable amount of workouts during the week.

What time of day works best for you to schedule workouts?

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