Lisa the Vegetarian takes on Disney World

by Lisa on Monday: Oct 01, 2012

I’ve been away from the blog for a little while because I’ve been… in Disney World!

Disney World sign

D and I took our first trip to Disney together last September (though I had been there a few times before when I was a kid), and we had such a good time that we decided to go back again this year. We stayed at the Coronado Springs Resort, which turned out to be an excellent choice.

Coronado Springs

It was quiet, peaceful and picturesque – a perfect getaway when the hordes of children got on our nerves at the parks. I would definitely stay there again. The only downside was that the resort was so gigantic that it required massive amounts of walking to get from the main building to our room. Good for exercise purposes, but not the best way to end a long day.

Coronado Springs map

I’ll put together a few recaps of our trip over the next week or two, plus what it was like to be a vegetarian at Disney (hint: they’re very accommodating, but talking to random people about being a veggie made me feel like an alien). I had so many good meals, and probably ate way too much. When we booked our trip, we got a promotion that included a free dining plan, which meant that each one of us got 2 meals and a snack every day, and each meal came with a drink and a dessert. Needless to say, we were never hungry.

Disney palm tree

There was also lots of inspiration to be found along the way.

Dream Builders sign 1

Stay tuned for more!

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  1. I went with my fam a few years ago and it was so hot! Fun though. I probably won’t be back until we have kids of our own and they’re old enough to appreciate it!

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