Vacation Recap: Magic Kingdom and Food

by Lisa on Tuesday: Oct 02, 2012

We were in Disney for 7 days and decided to do the park hopping thing where if you pay a little extra for your tickets, you can go to multiple parks in a day. Therefore, we ended up in Magic Kingdom quite a bit.

Magic Kingdom

How could we not? It has the most things to do and for sure has the most magical atmosphere. Not to mention, my favorite thing about Disney World in general is Tomorrowland, which can also be found there.


I must have been out of my mind when I was booking our plane tickets, because our first day of travel began with a 3:30 AM wakeup call so that we could get to the airport on time for our 6:30AM flight. I don’t know how much sleep I got that night, but it certainly couldn’t have been more than 4 hours. But somehow, both D and I were able to find enough energy to stay at the park until around 8:30 that night, including a nice dinner that we had at Tony’s Italian Bistro.


This was our first formal meal of the trip and the restaurant was one I had wanted to try the previous year, but was unable to due to a lack of reservations (Do you know how far in advance you need to book dinner reservations for Disney?? OMG). I was excited to see what they had to offer.

There was really only one veggie-friendly meal on the menu, but it was one I’ve enjoyed at many other dining establishments over the years, so I went for it. The mushroom ravioli:

Mushroom Ravioli

(Can you see the ravioli under all that cream and cheese?)

It was quite delicious and I enjoyed the long crunchy pieces of what tasted like dried onion that were on top and the flavor of the pesto mixed in.

Our meal plan also allowed us a free dessert, and I was totally excited to see one of my favorite all time desserts on the menu: creme brulee! It was a pistachio creme brulee to be exact and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The custard tasted just like pudding.

Pistachio Creme Brulee

The meal was great, but in just a few hours, my stomach wasn’t too happy because of all the incredibly rich ingredients and in both my entree and dessert. But it was worth it!

10 Responses to “Vacation Recap: Magic Kingdom and Food”

  1. Yeah, I’ll bet your stomach was revolting against you…or at least my lactose intollerant stomach would be. It looks yummy though. 🙂 Hey, I was a full on veggie for 7 years, no eggs, fish, poultry even…do people make a big deal of it when they hear that you’re a vegetarian? I hated all the attention I got from it so honestly that’s one of the reasons I began eating eggs, turkey, chicken and fish again. That was a while back so maybe it’s not so odd anymore. Just curious. Jessica

    • Lisa says:

      I find that I don’t really get as much attention/surprise from people that I’m a vegetarian. Where I live (Boston area), it’s not terribly uncommon and it’s pretty rare to find a restaurant where I can’t order something without meat. However, every now and then someone who doesn’t know much about it will wonder how I get by and think it’s weird — which did happen to me once in FL. I find it’s getting more and more common for people to become vegetarians as the years go by!

  2. Christina says:

    Looks like so much fun – and a lovely meal! I have longed to go to Disney World for so long, maybe someday I’ll make it. And I WON’T be scheduling a 6 am flight lol!! Last time I flew I did that. It took me the first couple days of my trip to recover lol!

    • Lisa says:

      Definitely avoid the 6AM flight! But Disney is a magical place and I seem to enjoy it even more now as an adult than I did when I was a kid.

  3. that raviolli looks yummy, but def heavy! it’s totally a vacation food!

    • Lisa says:

      Very much a vacation food. I can only imagine how many calories were in it – in fact, I think I’m better off not knowing 🙂

  4. Jess says:

    Oh looks like a blast!!!! I would love to go over a few days. I’ve only been to Disneyland and it is always squeezed into one huge day!

    • Lisa says:

      I’ve never actually been to Disneyland or anywhere in California, but I would love to go someday (especially if Disneyland is as fun as Disney World)!

  5. Khushboo says:

    Ah such yum eats! It’s been such a long time since I went to Disneyland….I love their Mickey Mouse ice cream sandwiches!

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