Second Chances: A Return to Tokyo Steakhouse

by Lisa on Friday: Oct 12, 2012

After a visit to Tokyo Steakhouse a few months ago that was disappointing to say the least, D and I found ourselves back at that same mall with his mother this past week and with no other great options in sight, we decided to take a chance and give the place another try. We knew it would be a risk because of the bad service and so-so food that we had last time, but with both of us loving Japanese food so much, we figured it would be worth it to give it one more try and if this experience was as bad as the last, that would be the last visit.

We could tell things were different right away, as our waitress wasted no time coming over and was extremely attentive. D’s mother had never had Japanese food before and ordered hot pot which involves cooking your own food as you want it on the table in front of you. She had a lot of questions and our waitress was patient and gave her tips on the sauces and spices that were available on the table. This waitress was so drastically different than the one last time (the waitress who forgot we existed, got mad when we wanted dessert and then pretty much abandoned us before we were done, forcing another waitress to take over) to the point where she was almost TOO attentive.

This time around, I got the Japanese noodle soup with vegetables and udon noodles. Whereas last time my dish was devoid of veggies and not nearly big enough for my appetite, this dish was massive, as Japanese noodle soups tend to be. There was an abundance of carrots, leafy greens, peppers, broccoli, and other veggies and the broth was very tasty. I added a little soy sauce, some hot peppers that D’s mother didn’t end up using for her hot pot meal, and a little of the crushed pepper spice. Those additions really upped the spice factor!

I almost had trouble finishing the dish, especially after ordering my usual avocado roll, which was just as good as it always is, wherever we go.

D got the same dish I did, except his included some pork and also came with shrimp tempura. He had no complaints and finished the whole gigantic bowl, which is rare for him.

We all decided to get dessert because it was a special occasion (D’s mother’s birthday was only a few days prior to this). He and his mother split the strawberry cheesecake we got last time.

And also unlike last time, this time around we were offered the “special” dessert menu, which is separate from the regular menu and confusingly seemed to be full of very Italian-sounding desserts. From this menu, I found the Pyramid, which was advertised to be a chocolate mousse in the shape of a pyramid with some kind of caramel center. When I got it, it was completely frozen, to the point where i could barely get pieces off of it to put into my mouth. Shouldn’t mousse be more of a creamy, smooth texture, instead of frozen? This was the only disappointment of the night.

I guess it pays to give second chances because we were all very happy with our experience that night. I think we’ll actually be returning there from time to time and on top of all that, we ended up only paying about $60 for all 3 of us total, which when you consider the amount of food we got is an awesome deal!

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  1. Jess says:

    Sounds like a great night. I love Japanese food!!! 🙂

  2. Kimberly says:

    That sounds like a much better experience. I enjoy Japanese food. We went out for dinner (Italian) Friday too. 🙂

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