Sacrificing Sleep for a Workout

by Lisa on Monday: Oct 22, 2012

Today, I did something that I don’t normally like to do: I voluntarily set my alarm clock for 6:30 and actually got out of bed when it went off to work out. I always have the ambition to wake up early, but it’s very hard for me to drag myself out of bed when I know I don’t absolutely have to.

As I’ve mentioned before, my preferred time of day to work out is during lunch so that I can go to the fitness center at the office. However, lately it’s just not been happening.

So today I did it! I woke up, turned on the TV and did an hour of cardio, followed by some pushups and ab work. Sure, I was tired and am dragging more than a little bit right now, at the end of a very long day, but once I got done with the workout, I felt so good!

While I was doing my cardio, I made it a point to clear my mind and stop all the worries that kept coming up about the things I needed to do throughout the day today. It was a challenge, and there were a few times that I started to get stressed out (it is a Monday and I had a long day of work ahead of me, not to mention the list of always random errands and chores that needed to get done).

I got to work feeling super productive, calm and happy. I didn’t have to try to fit in my workout at some other time during the day because it was already done, and that was a great feeling. I think my state of calm lasted until around lunchtime when I guess the usual stresses of the day started to catch up to me. I’m hoping that if I continue to focus my mind while I’m working out it may help me with stress management in other aspects of my life.

It’s hard to give up sleep, but sometimes the sacrifice can be worth it. Do you prefer to wake up early for your workouts? Why?

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  1. I love working out in the mornings and prefer it. But it was much easier when I started work at 9 am. I would wake up at 6, head to gym get my workout in and head off to work!
    Now, I have to be at work at 7:30, and it is just SO hard to get up earlier to work out. When I trained for a half marathon, I was pretty good about waking up at 5:30 to run beforehand, but it soon begins to wear on me because I get so tired by 7 pm!
    I think I may have found a solution though–I biked to work today! I’m hoping to make it a habit, that way I get my workout in while I’m commuting to work!

    • Lisa says:

      Biking to work sounds awesome! I can see so many benefits to doing something like that. I’ve never really had the opportunity to bike to work, but I love the idea of getting to exercise during your commute.

  2. Paula J says:

    When I work out I have to do it first thing otherwise I lose my motivation. I have the opposite problem that you have ~ I seem to wake up about 4:30 most days. Not fun 😛


    • Lisa says:

      I find the later the day gets, the easier it is to lose my motivation to work out too. 4:30 – wow that’s early! I’m very much not a morning person so it’s a struggle for me to get up even at 7:30 for work most days!

  3. I love that feeling when I get done at work and remember that I already worked out! I don’t think I’ve ever woken up early to work out on my own (I love that snooze button WAY too much) but going to my a group class like Body Pump makes me more motivated to get up at 6:30am because I love the class.

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