Fitting in Workouts Wherever I Can

by Lisa on Sunday: Nov 04, 2012

After posting about my quest to have 30 days of healthiness this month a few days ago, I’ve so far been doing great on the working out front, but not so great on the healthy eating front. I haven’t missed a day of physical activity yet. Here’s what I’ve done:

Nov 1 – 30 Day Shred
Nov 2 – 30 minutes of Just Dance
Nov 3 – Trip to the gym. 30 minutes on the elliptical followed arm and leg weights circuits and abs

On the 2nd, I almost didn’t make it. I had a bad day at the office, D had a bad day at the office. I didn’t get a lunch break that day so I couldn’t work out then. I missed waking up early because I had a terrible night of sleep. But then around 8PM I decided my goal was too important to quit on the SECOND DAY and did it. I even felt a little better afterward.

Yesterday I was looking forward to getting on the elliptical and listening to some new music on my iPod. I really haven’t made any gym trips in a while so I was happy to be getting back. But then… my iPod battery died 10 minutes in! I almost wanted to stop – but again I pushed through and did it anyway. Let me tell you, it’s really easy to get bored on the elliptical when there’s nothing else to do and it’s completely silent.

Today I will probably go easy and do one of my light workouts for about 20 minutes. And even more importantly, it’s time I really start controlling my portions when eating and reducing the amount of processed foods in my diet. That will be the most important thing over the next few days. I really would like to start forming healthier habits before the holidays roll around!

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  1. Rosey says:

    I’m already a linky follower. The shred seems to interesting to me, people just seem to love it.

    And bummer on the iPod, I’ve had that happen and it’s hard to keep going without the music, I totally agree. Good for you for keeping on!

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