Keeping the Streak Alive

by Lisa on Monday: Nov 19, 2012

At the beginning of November, I decided to take on 30 days of health and workouts – meaning I would get in some form of a workout in every single day for the entire month. I have to admit, it’s been pretty tough to make time every day for a workout, but knowing that I just have to get to a minimum of 20-30 minutes has been something that’s gotten me off my butt more days than one.

I’m happy to say that thus far, I have not missed a single day! There have been several close calls though, including Saturday when I was feeling so tired, unmotivated and defeated from a really difficult week that up until about 8 or 9PM, I had all but mentally decided that the streak would be broken that day. However, in the middle of a movie D and I were watching together, he got a call that was on the phone for a little while. As I was sitting there wondering what to do with my spare few minutes, I decided to pop on Just Dance and dance for 20 minutes. I felt much better afterward.

What have I been doing with my workouts this month? Well the first three days are recapped here. As for the rest:

Nov. 4: 33 mins Just Dance
Nov. 5: 30 Day Shred
Nov. 6: 20 mins Exercise Bike
Nov. 7: 30 Day Shred
Nov. 8: 30 Day Shred
Nov. 9: 40 mins Just Dance
Nov. 10: 30 mins Elliptical, followed by a weights circuit
Nov. 11: 35 mins Exercise Bike
Nov. 12: 30 Day Shred
Nov. 13: 40 mins Just Dance
Nov. 14: 30 Day Shred
Nov. 15: 30 mins Just Dance
Nov. 16: 30 Day Shred
Nov. 17: 20 mins. Just Dance
Nov. 18: 30 Day Shred

As you can see, I’ve been doing quite a bit of the 30 Day Shred. In fact, now that I’ve listed all that out, I’m realizing that I should probably move up to level 2 of the shred pretty soon. I’m a little scared, since level 1 still is extremely challenging, but it’s all about pushing yourself right?

30 Day Shred

How are you doing on your November goals?

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