Christmas Recap

by Lisa on Thursday: Dec 27, 2012

How were everyone’s holidays this year? Mine were pretty great and included lots of good food, spending time with family and multiple parties both on Christmas Eve and Christmas day.

Christmas Eve started out a little weird because of the fact that it fell on a Monday this year. D had to work and so did my mother, but at least my mother’s company let her know that she was getting out at 2. D didn’t know when he was getting out and it looked like he was going to have to work a full day. Not cool! So, he went to work at 7:30 in the morning and I left for my parents’ house at 2 that afternoon. Luckily, D ended up arriving at around 3:30 so we didn’t miss much time at all.

We did our usual Christmas events, which start with opening presents with my immediate family. Then we all get into our cars and migrate to my aunt’s house to see my extended family of aunts, uncles, cousins and significant others. This is where the big party happens. The main food of the night was a spiral ham, which I obviously didn’t eat, but I was still able to have a big meal composed of salad, roasted asparagus, au gratin potatoes and appetizers.

Christmas Day begins at my parents’ house again, where we open all our presents from “Santa” and then have my aunt and uncle over for another Christmas dinner. Again, I didn’t eat the main part of the meal (turkey), but did have a little tofurkey, stuffing that was cooked in a pan instead of in the bird, mashed potatoes, salad and stuffed mushrooms. There were other things there I could have eaten too, but after all that, I was just stuffed!

The best part of Christmas Day was when the Just Dance party broke out! I’ve become a huge fan of the game over the past year (as you can see in a lot of my posts), and my brother got Just Dance 1 as a gift, so we popped it in and danced all day.

From there, I went to D’s mother’s house to visit with his family and exchange more gifts.

After all that, D and I still had to come back home and exchange gifts with each other!

It was quite a jam packed couple of days, but it was a great Christmas here.


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  1. I don’t understand companies that don’t give Christmas Eve off. My last job was like that and it felt SO weird to go to work on Christmas Eve. My new job is much better.

    It sounds like you guys had a great time!

  2. Khushboo says:

    Good food & family sounds like the perfect way to spend Christmas! Happy holidays :)!

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