Just What I Didn’t Need to See

by Lisa on Tuesday: Jan 08, 2013

My office is nice enough to provide us a kitchen stocked full of free food and drinks. This is a new thing my department started doing over the past 3-4 months, and I have to say that it’s been pretty nice to just walk over to the kitchen and grab a diet coke or a granola bar without having to shell out any vending machine money. The choices haven’t been the most exciting, but I wasn’t going to complain.

Well, today I went in there to fill up my water bottle and what did I see? Temptations EVERYWHERE. First of all, there was a box of snack-sized bags of Doritos, Cheetos and other types of chips sitting right on top of the cabinet. Right next to it was yet another box filled with sweet snacks (cookies, rice krispie treats, etc). And then inside the cabinet was the most surprising of all: full sized candy bars.

Well, I somehow mostly restrained myself (I did help myself to one of the Doritos bags, though they are the smaller size of only 1 oz), but I can foresee this being a huge source of temptation over the next few weeks and months while I’m trying to get in shape.

I’ve written before about how food in the office can be a big source of temptation, and it’s just one of those situations where I’ll have to exercise willpower. Can I do it?


This is the first full week back to the grind after all the holiday miscellany of the past few weeks. I’ve been doing pretty good with waking up early most days to get in my workout before the day starts. However, it is kind of sobering to know that there will be no days off for quite some time to come. I don’t even know for sure what the next holiday we get actually is, but there sure isn’t one this month.

The thing that’s keeping me in high spirits more than anything is focusing on my goals. I’ve found that it’s very important for my mental state for me to have something outside of work that I can work on and a goal to strive for.

How are you dealing with the first full week back to the grind?
Does your office tempt you with junk food?

5 Responses to “Just What I Didn’t Need to See”

  1. ooo thats tough! maybe you could suggest healthier options? my old job used to have food for us but it was pretty healthy stuff like lean cuisines, and some snacks. i can see how that would be tough to have to avoid temptation all the time!

    • Lisa says:

      It’s definitely tough! It’s a good idea to suggest healthier snacks – maybe I’ll give it a try.

  2. Oh man, that’s tough and I totally understand! At my old job, I worked in a clinic for a very well known doctor so everyday almost, pharmaceutical reps would bring in boxes of donuts, cakes, cookies, orders of Olive Garden… basically tempting and UN-SLIMMING foods galore! So, I started to have a routine. As soon as I saw a pharmaceutical rep coming up the walk, I’d immediately go and fill my 24 oz water bottle and I would drink all 24 oz. Then I would go into the medicine closet and I would do jumping jacks and lunges. Immediately after, I would pop a Listerine breath strip into my mouth (the taste makes me feel like I just brushed my teeth which makes me not really want to eat). And also, I always packed a lunch and a whole day’s worth of snacks so that helped too!!!

    • Lisa says:

      Great suggestions! That’s so awesome that you used to go do jumping jacks in the medicine closet 🙂

      I also use the “feeling like I just brushed my teeth” method of avoiding extra snacks from time to time. Sometimes at night, I’ll just give in and brush my teeth for the night a few hours early so I’m not as tempted to continue snacking.

  3. I’ve never cooked polenta – but I love to eat it! Thanks for stopping by the GTKY Blog hop!

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