A Splurge Day

by Lisa on Monday: Jan 14, 2013

If there’s anything I’ve learned in the past several years, it’s that consistency is extremely important for me when I’m trying to reach a goal. If I want to create a new habit, I need to do it every day. If I want to resolve to lose weight/get fit? I also need to work on it in some form every day.

I know a lot of people will say that if you’re embarking on a “diet”, that it’s good to give yourself a cheat day during the week so that you don’t go insane, and when I first started on this new goal of mine, I told myself I would do the same. But once I got started, I found that I didn’t WANT to. It was really weird at first, but in the back of my mind I sort of knew that once I had a cheat day, I’d probably go a little too overboard with it and then the next day, would want to keep cheating.

Saturday was technically my first cheat day of the month (though I should clarify: I have been letting myself have little treats here and there on all other days too. Just within moderation and nothing overly indulgent). D and I were celebrating our 3.5 year anniversary and we decided to do something we don’t do nearly enough: go out to eat and have a date night! We decided on the Melting Pot, which we had both been to at some point in our lives, but never together.

It was a great meal and pretty much exactly what you’d expect from the Melting Pot: indulgent, decadent, delicious, and WAY too much. I had two cocktails while we were out on top of the cheese fondue, chocolate fondue and a house salad. Both of us left feeling like our stomachs were going to explode. So: cheat day was in effect!

Being that it was a special occasion and a restaurant we almost never go to, it was worth it and I don’t regret deciding to go out. However, I have been a little off on my diet since then, and since that meal on Saturday, I also haven’t tracked my calories at MyFitnessPal.

It’s time to get back on track! We’re about halfway through the month and I have about half of my 6.5 pounds left to lose before the January Diet Bet comes to a close. Let’s see what happens!

9 Responses to “A Splurge Day”

  1. I think it’s funny (in a cute and quirky kind of way) that you celebrated your 3.5 anniversary 😛

    melting pot is DEFINITELY indulgent. but oh soooo good. i could go for the cheese and the chocolate alone.

    • Lisa says:

      Our waitress asked us if we were celebrating anything while we were there, and when we said we were celebrating our 3.5 year anniversary, she did kind of laugh at us a little bit 🙂

  2. Dagmar says:

    I know what you mean! When I want to do something, I have to do it 100 % or not at all! It’s good to give yourself a treat in order to avoid throwing in the towel (where would be the fun?), but something like “splurge day”? I don’t know. I wouldn’t make a whole day out of it. Too hard to get back on track the next day, and you’re too likely to gain all the weight back lost during the week.
    Good luck with your bet – I know you can do it!

    • Lisa says:

      Thanks for the encouragement! I agree with you on the splurge day – I’m not sure how some people can pull it off without sabotaging themselves!

  3. I definitely think that making small consistent changes is what worked for me because then it wasn’t diet and didn’t have to schedule a splurge or a “cheat”. instead if something came up once in awhile I knew it was ok because I’d go right back to my healthy habits when it was over

  4. jan says:

    I agree that consistency is key! (that being said I’m pretty dang inconsistent LOL). Glad you had a fun night out!

    • Lisa says:

      It is definitely hard to be consistent sometimes, but I find the momentum I build up so motivating when it comes to sticking with something healthy!

  5. I am a person of extremes… I either binge on chocolate, or completely restrict myself. It seems as though I can’t get a grip on “balance”, at least in some respects. That’s why I don’t keep sweets in the house – if I want a treat, I have to physically make the trip to get a muffin or piece of cake etc. from a bakery. It works well for me! I think celebrating your 3.5 year anniversary (which is so cute, by the way) is more important than staying on your plan. One night of indulgence can’t offset all the progress you have made :D. But getting back on track is important, so keep going! Good luck!

    • Lisa says:

      I find that I have my extremes too, which is why the consistency thing is so important. It’s a smart idea to not keep the treats in the house! I should give that a try.

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