by Lisa on Wednesday: Mar 13, 2013

We’ve made it to Wednesday! The week seems to be flying over here, and I can’t say that’s a bad thing. After changing the clocks this weekend and having a few days in the 50s, it really feels like the seasons have changed over to spring. And with that, the season of change (in my mind at least) has begun.

I’ve been thinking a lot about momentum lately, and how it can affect the way we feel and act. Last Sunday, D and I decided that starting Monday morning, we’d be extra good about our food and exercise and that we would report to each other the things we were eating (to keep each other accountable). I also bought lots of fruit and veggies to prepare us for this little experiment. Of course, the beginning of a change is always the hardest part. It’s kind of funny how much our minds can attempt to sabotage us when we’re trying to do something good. There were many times on Monday when I would ask myself if it was worth it not to have chocolate at that very moment, or worth it to skip an extra snack (even though I wasn’t really hungry at the time, just bored).

Well, turns out it is worth it. Tuesday morning waking up, I had a sense of accomplishment knowing that I did well with my eating and my goals the day before, and that propelled me throughout the day. It’s so motivating to know that the things you’re doing are adding up and building toward something good. The more days go by that I eat well, the more I want to keep up the streak. In reality, the same goes for any other goal I’m working on, whether it be fitness related, or just something random in my life. Progress leads to more progress.

Of course, it can work in the other direction as well, and I have certainly fallen victim to that side of the coin time and time again. A day full of bad eating leads to more and more days of bad eating (the “I already messed up so what’s the difference” attitude), and once that spiral begins, it can be hard to break out and turn things around in the positive direction.

The change in seasons is always a big deal to me because of the way it affects my mood, my outlook and my overall happiness. For the majority of the winter, I’ve been saying that I was waiting for spring to do so many things (buy new clothes, get my hair cut, etc.). Now it finally feels like the right time for changes, and I’m using this to fuel my momentum as well!

And I have to say, it makes all the difference in the world to have the sun still shining brightly now when I get out of work.

What are your spring goals? Do you hate having to changing the clocks or do you not mind it?

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  1. Meagan says:

    You make a great point about how making healthy choices can lead to more healthy choices in the days to follow and how the opposite can be true for bad choices. It’s a great thing to keep in mind when it’s 3 pm in the afternoon and you start craving a sugary snack.

    Hmmm I don’t know what my spring goals are… I need to do some thinking on that. I love changing the clock for spring forward because it means more daylight for evening running! It also means warmer weather is on the way. I don’t really like fall back, though…

  2. My spring goal is that by the summer, I want to be able to run a 10K under 50 minutes. Ugh. Saying it is intimidating but the more I say it, the more motivated I am to do it 🙂

    I love changing clocks in the spring for the extra hour at night, BUT I hate that we have to do it. It really can throw you off and it is no longer as important as it once was. Let’s end this madness!

  3. My goal is to PR at Pittsburgh’s Marathon in May. 🙂

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