Sick Day(s)

by Lisa on Thursday: Apr 04, 2013

It seems that all my crazy running around of late caught up with me, and I’m down for the count with the plague (aka a really crappy cold). I felt completely fine until Monday morning when I woke up. It started with a sore throat that then quickly evolved into coughing, sneezing and a fever. I worked from home most days this week, tried to go in to the office this morning and then had to come home halfway through the day because I still felt awful.

Needless to say, this has forced me to take a step back from working out for the week (and frankly at this rate, some or most of next week will have to be included as well). I haven’t actually been sick since last July, so I guess I can’t complain too much. I have the feeling that spring allergies are making me feel even worse than I would be otherwise if I just had a straight-up cold.

I haven’t been to the doctor since this does seem to be just a cold, but I’m starting to wonder if it isn’t something worse. I’m hoping it’s not the flu or anything along those lines, but I just can’t stand going to the doctor, having them look at you and say, “Wow, you look bad!” and then sending you away without any medicine.

Anyway, lots of craziness has been going on in the past week or two and I’ve been a little bit absent from the blog as a result. In the next few days I’ll catch up on writing about some recent events including:

– The Pink concert from last week
– Easter
– D’s shoulder injury

Last week, I was feeling unmotivated and decided to give myself a break and take off the pressure that I usually put on myself to work out a ton and work on blog things, etc. Then in a fit of bad timing, I got this cold on Monday, so now I feel like I’m two weeks behind! In a way, I feel like this little break (as unintentional as it sort of was) will do me some good and make me more enthusiastic to jump head first back into everything once I’m no longer hacking up a lung.

I’m going to use this down time to get re-motivated and set some new goals for myself.

Anyone else been struck with this terrible spring cold?

3 Responses to “Sick Day(s)”

  1. Meagan says:

    Oh no! I hope you get to feeling better! I have been coughing the past few days and tonight I have a headache and my throat is sore. I’m worried I’m coming down with something. After reading your post I’m even more worried.

  2. I love Pink excited to hear about your experience seeing her live! I hope you feel better soon, lots of soup, lemon water and eat garlic raw that always kills my sickness Google it! Love + shine Courtstar

  3. Darn I am in the same boat, woke up mid night with a throbbing throat and stuffy nose. I hope you feel better soon, being sick blows!

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