The Truth about Love Tour (part 1)

by Lisa on Sunday: Apr 07, 2013

A few months back, we heard that Pink was going to be coming to Boston for a couple of shows this spring during her Truth about Love Tour. Both D and I have been fans of Pink for years, and D especially had been wanting to see her for a very long time. I had actually seen her in concert many years back, right when she had released her first album. She was opening for ‘NSync (my teenage obsession) and I saw her do a short, but awesome set during that show back in 2000.

The day the tickets went on sale, both D and I were at work. I had been looking up ticket prices and everything in the $80 – $100 range was high up in the balconies and as D and I texted back and forth, deemed “not good enough”. I had to go to a meeting, so D decided to do a little investigating on his own. An hour or so later, we got on the phone to discuss the results and he told me he had purchased 2 tickets. Sweet! And then he told me he spent more than $400 to do so. I seriously almost threw up when I heard how much money he had spent. I was reluctant to even be spending $200 to go to the show, and he had more than doubled that cost. His reasoning was that he had gotten Silver level VIP tickets, which were pretty decent seats along with a lot of other cool things.


Anyway, many months went by and March 28th arrived. Both D and I decided to take the day off of work because we didn’t want ANYTHING to make us late for this show or force us to miss it, especially considering what we spent on the tickets. I ended up driving us to the venue (the TD Garden) because D had hurt his shoulder earlier in the week, and as a side note I’d like to mention that there’s almost nothing more unpleasant in the universe than driving into the city of Boston. We got there super early, which was great because we didn’t have to rush around, and then we spent some time wandering, trying to figure out where to go.

Because we had this VIP package, we were supposed to use a special entrance, which we eventually found after asking several people, and the guard there told us to wait over off to the side (this was outside and it was a little on the cold and windy side). It was a little disorganized at this point and it took a while for them to let us in. When they did, they led us to a table where we got a free Pink tote bag that contained a Pink blanket:


And hat along with a lanyard.


These were all free because of the ticket package we got. Then we were ushered back outside to wait again, and what followed was an EXTREMELY disorganized ushering of us back and forth throughout the arena because nobody knew where to send us.

pink_lanyard pink_lanyard_back

We finally got inside and went up to our level. We were literally the first people on the entire floor because the VIP ticket holders got to go in early. We were so early and alone, in fact, that the venders hadn’t even begun to sell their food yet. The one that was open was manned by a woman who was standing at the cash register putting on her makeup as she waited on us. So weird!

Though we were three levels up, we were in the front row of the level which meant there was nobody in front of us and we had an awesome view of the stage.


This post got pretty long and the concert hasn’t even started yet, so I’m going to split this up into two posts.

Have you ever seen Pink in concert? What was the last concert you went to?

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  1. What a fun concert to go to! This is embarrassing to admit but I am not a huge concert person. The last concert I went to was probably 2 years ago – Guster in Minneapolis 🙂

  2. I’ll bet the concert was really good! I used to go to concerts all the time but they’ve just gotten so expensive that I haven’t been able to go anymore. At any rate, I hope you had a good time!

  3. Wow this is amazing! I am obsessed with PINK she rocks and is a TRUE talent! Glad you guys had fun 🙂 love + Shine Courtstar

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog earlier! I LOVE Pink! Wish she’ll come to Dubai for a concert!

  5. Stacie says:

    VIP passes? How cool is that! Sounds like you had an awesome time.

  6. OMG. I LOVE PINK!!!!! She is truly fantastic. I’m so jealous right now. 😉

    Oh and I’m stopping by from the UBP13!!!! 🙂

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