Friday Catch-Up

by Lisa on Friday: Apr 12, 2013

Happy Friday! It’s time to do a catch-up post:

– Easter happened almost two weeks ago now, but I’ve yet to write about it. D and I go to our separate family’s houses on Easter and each just have a small family gathering. For me, it was just myself, my brother and parents. Having a small get-together like this is nice for a change once in a while, especially after the massive gatherings at Thanksgiving and Christmas. For the most part, we only did two things that day: eat and dance. The eating was a bit on the extreme side. You’d think we were having 10 people over with the amount of food my mother prepared! There was lasagna, salad, ham, artichokes, vegetarian chili, plus appetizers of guacamole, chips, cheese and more. My brother, who is not a vegetarian, decided to put together the chili especially for me, and it came out pretty great! Between courses, we threw on Just Dance and challenged each other. I’m proud to say that I won every song that day. I guess it helps that I’m obsessed with the game 🙂

– Shortly before Easter, D woke up one morning with intense pain in his shoulder. He’s always had shoulder troubles dating back to a car accident he was in a very long time ago. This pain was new for him though, and was so bad that he almost couldn’t move his shoulder. We put ice on it for a few days, got him a sling at CVS and hoped this was one of those things that would clear up on its own. Well, it wasn’t. After a few doctor’s visits and x-rays, they found that in that original car accident years ago, pieces of bone had broken off and were just kind of floating around causing issues. (I had never heard of such a thing before, and it sounds pretty painful!). He had a procedure on Tuesday of this week that will hopefully help, but if not, he might have to go in for surgery to fix it once and for all. We’re crossing our fingers that this is not the case.

– I have a confession to make: I’m not succeeding at losing weight. At all. Despite all the things I’ve done this year to motivate myself and make better choices, I haven’t had any success and I’m still struggling with trying not to gain any additional weight. I know I’ve been eating badly for the past few weeks due to stress, and let’s be honest – a little laziness. I’ll put together a post soon to talk about what I’m going to do next and to try to turn things around.

– Speaking of Just Dance, I found something amazing via Youtube recently: Just Dance Wii (the Japanese version)! It’s all j-pop songs, which is a type of music I’ve loved ever since I visited Japan several years ago. It seems like you can’t play this version of the game on American Wii systems due to region encoding, but a lot of the dances are on Youtube, so I just throw on the videos and dance to them. It’s so fun! Here’s one of the songs featuring Exile, one of my favorite j-pop groups:

Have you ever listened to j-pop? Tell me some random updates from your world this week!

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  1. Jess says:

    Weight loss is tough! It always happens the easiest for me when I’m not trying and just busy. Sounds like a fun Easter!

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