Getting Caught Up

by Lisa on Wednesday: Apr 24, 2013

After last week’s events, plus just coming off a bad cold and D’s shoulder injury, I’ve felt extraordinarily behind on everything lately, from working out to housework and even blogging. I suppose you could say that it’s been a rough month. This week though, I’m trying my hardest to get everything back to normal and running smoothly.

I’m off to a great start on the workout front. I’ve worked out all 3 days this week so far and yesterday and today were a solid hour each. Yesterday was the first time I’d worked out for that long in what feels like forever, and it felt really good. I didn’t set out to exercise for that long, but once I got going, I just didn’t really stop. That’s another thing I haven’t experienced in a LONG time – actually enjoying my workout.

Today, I woke up an hour early to get in my workout, and whenever I do that, it seems inevitable that I will have a productive day. It’s not only because I’ve got my workout out of the way and don’t have to try to squeeze it in during or after work, but even more importantly, it makes me feel good mentally. I feel productive, and thus, I am more productive as a result. Momentum – it’s a real thing.

My workouts lately have been pretty consistent with the past few months. I’ve been doing a lot of dance-oriented workouts because they’re incredibly fun, get my heart-rate up and keep me entertained because I’m constantly picking up new choreography (which, by the way, is also good for your brain – it exercises your brain too!). I’ve also been peppering in some bootcamp workouts from earlier this year whenever I feel like I need a good strength workout. Let me tell you, those workouts never get easier. They’re killer. I probably could stand to add in even more of these workouts than I’m doing now, but I figure as long as I’m moving, it’s a win. Some days, I don’t have the motivation to do something that’s going to totally kill my body. Those are the days I turn to dance.

My eating is an ever-improving process. I’m trying to stay on track and eat lots of fruits and veggies, which generally isn’t a problem. I love veggies with a passion, but fruits on the other hand, I sort of have to force myself to eat. Also, there’s been lots of occasions in the past few weeks where I’ve splurged. Just in the past week, I’ve had cake at 3 different events (2 at work and 1 at a baby shower).

So, it’s back on track now and it feels good. I’m going to attempt to wake up early again tomorrow and try to have the same productivity that I did today.

When are you most productive – morning, afternoon or night? What’s your favorite workout of the moment?

3 Responses to “Getting Caught Up”

  1. Kim says:

    Morning workouts are always best for me – even if they have to be super early!
    Picking a favorite workout is hard – usually whatever I’m doing is my favorite!!

  2. Meagan says:

    Isn’t it great to finally have a workout that you just enjoy, when you haven’t had one of those in awhile?? It kind of reaffirms your faith in maintaining a regular workout schedule. I live for those days.

    I’m the opposite of you- I practically inhale fruit, but I have to make a conscious decision to eat veggies on a regular basis.

    I’m probably most productive whenever I have a to do list to get done. When I have that list and I know I have a goal in mind of when to complete all of the tasks I roll along…. doesn’t matter what time of day it is.

    Outside of running I’m really enjoying doing the Jillian 30 day shred workouts.

    • Lisa says:

      I’m a huge fan of to-do lists too! I find I make them for myself on the weekends especially so that I can be as productive as possible. It really helps!

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