Pet Peeves of a Vegetarian

by Lisa on Saturday: May 18, 2013

Having been a vegetarian for 13 years and counting, I have no trouble navigating the food choices available to me. In addition to that, I have also become well acquainted with certain “challenges” that come along with the title of vegetarian that can be both amusing and annoying.

  • I started thinking about this a few nights ago when D and I went out to pick up some food from Chipotle for dinner. As we were standing in line, I suddenly started laughing to myself. D asked me what was up and I told him that I had just been thinking about how funny it is when you go to the counter and as for a vegetarian burrito bowl and they ask you what kind of meat you want with it. Sure enough, when we got to the front of the line, here’s how it went down:

    Chipotle guy: Hi, how can I help you?
    Me: I’d like a vegetarian burrito bowl to go please.
    Chipotle guy: (Asks about rice and beans)
    Chipotle guy: (After adding said rice and beans, slides my order down the counter to the meat selection). What kind of meat?
    Me: Just the veggies please!

    Behind me, D had a good chuckle.

  • When meeting someone for the first time and the subject of food comes up:

    Me: So, I’m a vegetarian…
    Other person: Oh! So does that mean you’re a vegan?

    Wouldn’t I have said I was a vegan if I was a vegan?

  • A big pet peeve of mine is certain restaurants that have NOT ONE SINGLE thing on the menu that doesn’t contain meat. This doesn’t come up too frequently, because at the very least, most places will have salads. What kills me is when going to a restaurant (this happens most often with chains) that has no entrees, appetizers or even SALADS without meat.

  • People who think you must starve and not eat any protein if you’re a vegetarian: I think I covered that myth pretty thoroughly in this guest post.

  • People who think it must be impossible for a couple to include a meat eater and a vegetarian. It really isn’t all that difficult! In fact, I have no idea what it would be like to date another vegetarian as it has never happened. I also talked a lot about that in yet another guest post here.

  • A lot of my friends and people I know in general are big fans of this philosophy:

    But that one just makes me laugh 🙂

If you’re a vegetarian, what are some of your pet peeves? For all the meat eaters out there, tell me your pet peeves about food in general!

6 Responses to “Pet Peeves of a Vegetarian”

  1. Liz says:

    I am not a vegetarian, but my sister is. I’m going to show her this post 🙂

  2. LC says:

    Oh goodness, the protein thing, if I had a nickle….

    That’s the worst! It’s interesting how our society has been conditioned to think meat=protein.

  3. Kim says:

    I’m not a vegetarian but I have to say, it always kills me that people feel entitled to comment on other people’s eating habits (in negative ways). I’ve never understand how what one person eats (or doesn’t eat) affects anyone else. I try to ask when I’ve invited people over for a meal – only so I can make something appropriate.

  4. Meagan says:

    That’s funny about Chipotle. I’ve never been there before, but I’m guessing it’s standard/automatic for the employees to ask what kind of meat when you order a burrito bowl? If so then they’re like robots. No matter what you say when you place your order that’s the next question that’s going to follow 🙂

    I’m a “meat eater” and here is my pet peeve: when kids nowadays think that their food comes from the store and have no idea where it actually comes from. I hate how much of a disconnect there seems to be.

  5. haha how funny! I could totally relate to this post even though I’m 0% vegetarian! 😛 I eat everything and within some kind of balance and moderation, but I’ve always been a vegetable lover and love my salads, roasted veggies, fresh ingredients, and all that good stuff. And it does annoy me a bit when everything in a restaurant is really heavy or everything is packed with meat. Another thing that gets to me is when healthier options in a regular restaurant are way too expensive, or if their idea of healthier option is iceberg lettuce with dressing. Hehe, interesting to know that I’m not the only weird one out there! 😀

  6. Kim says:

    Oh i can relate!! I have been vegetarian for about 15 years and sometimes dread going out to dinner. Is it so hard to have one or two salad choices without meat?! I usually end up ordering a side or house salad and asking them to make it bigger!! And i hate when i tell people i am vegetarian and they say “oh…so what can you eat?” Ummm…. LOTS of things! Ha. I will continue to follow your blog 🙂

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