Planning for the week

by Lisa on Sunday: Jun 30, 2013

Let me tell you something: when your life currently consists of packing endless boxes of belongings and working out the logistics that will allow you to move into your own house and be able to deal with the financial burdens that brings, certain things fall to the back burner. One of those certain things is eating well. I’ve been tempted more often than not in the past few weeks to get takeout for lunch, takeout for dinner and to grab anything to eat as long as it’s fast.

We still have 10 days until closing and then another few weeks after that before we’ll really be moved in, so I need to try to make sure I’m still taking care of myself in the process. Therefore, I’m going to try making a food and workout plan for the week.

Tempeh with brussel sprouts
Bootcamp workout AM

Dinner out with a friend
Bootcamp workout AM

Dinner out with D (it’s our 4 year anniversary)
Cardio workout at lunch

Big salad with hard boiled eggs
Bootcamp workout AM

Veggie and leftover tempeh stir fry
Cardio workout at lunch

Part of the focus in the next few weeks will be to try to eat as much of the stuff in our freezer and cabinets as possible so that there’s less to move. Some of it really needs to be used up. This workout schedule may be a little ambitious, but I need to try to set these goals for myself if I have any hope of making them happen.

Do you usually make a meal plan for the week?

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  1. Meagan says:

    I hope the moving goes well! Looks like you have a great plan in place for this week. If we are going to have a really busy week I will plan out our meals and try and do some pre-preparation on the weekend. Otherwise I usually just figure it out based on what we have in stock in the house.

  2. i totally sympathesize w/how hard it can be to eat healthy/workout in the midst of moving! i think u def have the right idea though w/mapping out a plan… even if stuff changes around, at least you’ll feel like you have a little bit of balance 🙂

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