A Blog Hiatus Comes to An End

by Lisa on Wednesday: Jun 24, 2015

It wasn’t my original intention to take a blogging hiatus, let alone one this long, but sometimes life happens/motivation falters and before you know it, more than a year has gone by! I can’t tell you how much I’ve missed the blogging world while I’ve been gone! There is so much to catch up on, and I will get to all the interesting life events that have transpired lately.

First, some administrative notes: With my return to the blog, I wanted a new look. I’ve begun the process of creating a new design, but it is by no means finalized! I’m doing everything myself, and while the look is certainly new, it is ever-evolving. Over the next few weeks/months, I will be revamping the sidebar and bringing back the different tabs including the “about” page with some new information.

However – I didn’t want to wait until then to start writing again!

So, what’s been happening since I left?

Well, there’s one thing in particular that has been pretty big: I got engaged! This happened while D and I were in Tokyo this past September, which in and of itself was the trip of a lifetime.

I’ll be posting more about all of that very soon. For now, I’m glad to be back in action!


Have you ever taken a blog hiatus?

What made you come back?


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