A birthday party and a new routine

by Lisa on Monday: Aug 17, 2015

Here we are on another Monday – as usual, full of both possibilities and sleep deprivation! The weekend was a fairly good one over here, mixed with fun and weekly prep work.  Saturday, my parents and brother came over to the house for our annual “triple” birthday party.  My mother, brother and I all have birthdays within a two week period, so over the past few years, we’ve taken to combining the celebration into one day.  The week before that, we threw my mother a huge surprise birthday party at my house that I will also blog about this week – it deserves its own post! As a result, this weekend’s festivities focused solely on my brother and myself.

There was a small cake, presents, pizza and some heated Just Dance competitions.

Sunday, we were all partied out, so D and I stayed in and played video games and marathoned Lost Girl. Today is officially his first day at a new job, so there was some pre-first day jitters over the weekend, but we made sure to prep everything for the week. Most Sundays, I spend an hour or two prepping lunches for the two of us. Yesterday I made D some teriyaki chicken and cous cous that will serve as his lunches for the next several days.

The two of us woke up this morning at 6AM sharp so D could head out early for the new job (it’s a bit of a longer commute, and earlier = less chance of traffic). I woke up with him for moral support and used the time to relax and catch up on some blog reading. This trend will probably continue for most of the week.  Starting tomorrow, I’m going to use the early wake up to get in my workout.


How did you spend the weekend?

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