Workout Week In Review 10/5 – 10/11

by Lisa on Monday: Oct 12, 2015

Welcome to the second installment of my attempt to be held accountable: the workout week in review!

While I had some ambitions last week to add in a few additional workouts to the schedule, everything went a little haywire when my work schedule went off the rails. As a result, the week was slightly less successful than week 1, but I still got in 4 quality 21 Day Fix workouts. They were: Total Body Cardio, Upper Fix, Lower Fix and Cardio Fix.

Rather than beating myself up for missing the other 3 days, I’m going to focus on the fact that this is still way more than I would have done previously. And I have no intention of letting this de-rail me from the rest of the 21 days. I will just extend the schedule however long it takes to get it done.

I’m at the point in the program where I’m still sore almost everyday after I’ve done a workout (which I like because that means I know I’ve done something), but it’s not the kind of incapacitating soreness that can happen when you start strength training after a long time off.

Also, I have to admit that when I’m not doing a regimented program like this, I do tend to completely throw strength training out the window in favor of something “fun” and cardio based like dancing.

Looking forward, my plan for this week is to make up the 3 workouts I missed from last week and start right back over onto what would be the beginning of the 3rd and final week of the Fix. And this time I really mean it that I’m going to get in an extra cardio based workout!


Which do you prefer: strength training or cardio?

6 Responses to “Workout Week In Review 10/5 – 10/11”

  1. Congrats girl! It can be so hard to stay on track with workouts but def best to concentrate on the positive!


  2. Ashley says:

    A positive attitude is definitely the key to sticking with it- you miss a few days, you get right back on the wagon and make some progress! You’re doing great!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  3. Elena says:

    I love workout too :)))
    Great job!


  4. Liz says:

    I love both but I always gravitate toward cardio – but strength training is so important too. Good job focusing on the positive – what you WERE able to accomplish vs what you didn’t get to!

  5. masala girl says:

    haha that’s funny because i definitely prefer strength workouts 🙂

  6. Dont be too hard on yourself, looks like you got a bunch of great workouts in! And it’s good to give your body some rest anyways.
    I usually gravitate towards strength training with bursts of cardio here and there.

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