Rock and Shock Festival – Reviewed

by Lisa on Thursday: Oct 22, 2015

This one is for the horror fans!

On Saturday, D and I attended the annual Rock and Shock festival, which is both a horror convention and concert held in Worcester, MA. It’s actually a three day event, but we only attended this one day. This was our second time experiencing the convention, and just like the last time, we had an amazing time with lots of unexpected moments.

Scary clown

We arrived at the Palladium at around 1PM to pick up our tickets from the box office, and from there walked the few blocks to the DCU Center where the convention was being held. It is a horror-fest the moment you walk in, between the vendors, the decorations, and of course all the people who dress up in crazy horror-themed costumes. This year, D decided to get in the spirit and dressed up as Jigsaw from the Saw movie series in his trademark red and black robe. Our friend Jeannette is a costume designer and graciously put this together for him. She did a great job – he looked amazing!

The first thing D wanted to do was to meet some celebrities. This wasn’t a problem, as the event was PACKED with horror movie legends waiting to sign autographs.

Rock and Shock Meet and Greet

First up was Felissa Rose from the original Sleepaway Camp movie. It was only this year that my friend T recommended this movie to me, and D and I both fell in love with it immediately. The movie has a creepy atmosphere, a crazy plot line and lots of over-the-top killing scenes. In other words, the perfect horror movie! Felissa was incredibly sweet in person, treating everyone who came up to her booth as if they were long lost best friends. We chatted about horror movies, Sleepaway Camp, her other movies and she also congratulated us on our upcoming wedding. We ended up buying her more recent movie The Perfect House, which she autographed (this movie was CRAZY and we enjoyed it a lot. It’s along the lines of a Saw/Hostel type of style) and then we got some pictures with her. In my favorite pic, she’s making the exact face that she makes while screaming in terror at the end of Sleepaway Camp. If you’ve seen the movie, you’ll know why this is so great.

Felissa Rose

We also stopped by the booths of Adam Green, the director of the Hatchet series (which we had also just watched during our horror marathon) and Gia Nova, a burlesque star. Adam discussed his reasons for making Hatchet more on the humorous side and the current trend of horror movies taking themselves too seriously. Gia was extremely friendly and D was especially interested to hear that she has a comic book coming out in the near future (he is a comic book lover, to put it lightly). She also asked us lots of questions about ourselves and we ended up discussing our recent trips to Disney World. She turned out to be a Disney fan too and we found ourselves discussing upcoming changes to the parks and why we all love the Haunted Mansion so much. It was a ton of fun to meet all of these people and they all were incredibly nice and gracious.

Adam Green and Gia Nova

The big event of the day though, was the meeting of Tobin Bell from Saw. Being that D was dressed up as his character, we were especially interested to see how things would go. We signed up to do a professional picture with him which superimposed our images on the background of the movie Saw 1. He immediately recognized D’s costume as the Jigsaw robe. Later we got to spend a little more time with him and got his autograph. At this point, D asked him about his Seinfeld appearance (in one episode, he appears as a record store owner and has a big fight with Kramer and Newman) and then Tobin Bell analyzed the costume in detail. He had nothing but nice things to say about it and was very complimentary toward our friend Jeannette who did the design.

There was plenty more to do at the convention aside from the meet and greets we participated in. There was merchandise from nearly every horror movie franchise you could think of, and they were also offering things like face painting and tattoos (we did not partake of either), as well as creative projects and, randomly, dog adoptions.

Rock and Shock 1

The concert portion of the event started later in the afternoon/evening and we were able to catch 3 bands. We did end up missing a few of the bands we had on our wish list due to timing and wrapping up our fun at the convention.

Rock and Shock 2

Overall, we had a lot of fun doing something a little out of the ordinary. We are both big horror movie fans, and we will surely be back when this comes around again in future years.

Rock and Shock t shirt


Have you ever been to a horror convention?

Tell me what celebrities you’ve met!

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  1. Julie says:

    I don’t know anything about horror movies. I watched the Shining when I was little and nothing since!! It is cool to go meet the people in the movies at an event like this though. My son loves comics and it sounds kind of like a ComicCon for horror movies.

  2. Never been to a horror convention or anything similar. I’ve met Sheena Easton after her concert in Las Vegas. I was named after her so that was pretty exciting! I’ve met Zach Braff after his Garden State movie premier too. Wasn’t named after him…luckily 🙂

  3. Oh my gosh in middle school I was OBSESSED with the Sleepaway Camp movies! We had no idea about the crazy ending and obviously my 12 year old self was extremely shocked!!!

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