Thinking Out Loud

by Lisa on Thursday: Nov 05, 2015

I was planning to do one of my bulletpoint posts today, but then I realized it’s Thinking Out Loud Thursday! I’m joining Amanda’s link up and telling you my thinking out loud thoughts:

Thinking Out Loud

1. If you read my last workout recap, you’ll know that I was having some trouble with my hip. Well the problem has not gone away and as of yesterday is a little bit worse. I’m not sure what’s going on, but I’m doing a lot of resting/heating/icing and taking the week off from workouts and any unnecessary walking (my fitbit is a little upset about this). I suppose I will have to see a doctor if it’s not better by next week.

2. Saturday is wedding dress shopping day! I’m going with my parents and we’re visiting two shops. I’ve been scouring the websites and compiling pictures of dresses I like so that I’m prepared. I’m not sure if I’ll end up making a purchase this weekend, but I’m crossing my fingers!

3. D and I have begun debating where we’re going to go on our honeymoon. Originally we wanted to return to Tokyo, but given that our honeymoon is going to take place at the beginning of July, Japan is not the ideal location (unless you like horrendously oppressive humidity). Now we’re thinking about Italy, which is a place I’ve always wanted to visit. I think wherever we go it will be amazing!

4. On the to-do list for the next month is a massive trip to Home Depot. The biggest thing we need is a new ceiling fan for the office. Ours just stopped working a few months ago, which has left us with no light in there except for a few floor lamps we dragged up from the basement. But we also need to stock up on salt and sand for the driveway for winter and some other random house necessities. It seems like par for the course if you own a house that there is always a running list of things that need to be fixed. Any other homeowners feel that way?

5. Recently, I’ve become obsessed with the wonderful world of vlogging. I’m not vlogging myself, but I’m loving watching some of the channels I’ve found. As we speak, I’m watching some of the older vlogs from Pretty Neat Living, and I’ve also been loving It’s Judy’s Life, Makeup By Tiffany D and Elle and Blair Fowler among others.

6. I can’t believe how fast we’re getting to the end of 2015! The holidays are right around the corner, and so is D’s birthday. It’s a gift extravaganza here once December rolls around.

7. Also since it’s the end of the year, I’ve been reviewing my new year’s resolutions from the beginning of the year. I did accomplish a good amount of things, but certainly not the quantity that I wanted. I’m trying to fit in a few last ones here, but next year a lot will be carried over.


Tell me something you’re thinking about today!

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  1. I read point one and was like NOOOOOO. But I’m glad that it has cleared up! Have so much fun wedding dress shopping–and just relax about it–the right dress will find you 😀

  2. I love owning my own place and knowing that I’m not throwing my money away on rent, but the maintenance can definitely be a little bit insane. Good luck on wedding dress shopping! That’s so exciting 😀

  3. Happy wedding dress shopping! That is so SO exciting! I know you’ll find the right one!

  4. Have so much fun wedding dress shopping! It’s the best!!!

  5. Have fun wedding dress shopping! What an exciting time!

    I’m obsessed with vlogs right now too 🙂 oh and of course podcasts. There’s just so much interesting info out there!

  6. Italy sounds amazing!!! Have a great weekend yourself and hope the hip feels better!

  7. Hope your hip feels better real soon!

    So many wonderful and exciting things you have to look forward to – Italy sounds amazing! Enjoy!!

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