A Month of Horror Movies

by Lisa on Tuesday: Nov 10, 2015

Every October D and I have a tradition of watching as many horror movies as humanly possible. This year we started a week or two early because we were just so excited, and we made it through 30(!) movies. I thought I would do a little recap on what we watched and what our favorites were.

Iconic Series

We kicked off the marathon with a series we have both loved and watched together before: the Saw series.

The Saw Collection

He and I had seen Saw 6 together in theaters very close to the beginning of our relationship, and throughout the course of our years together worked through the rest. This series was especially fun to watch this year because we knew we were going to be meeting Tobin Bell at the Rock and Shock convention. D also ended up cosplaying as Jigsaw!

As I also mentioned in my Rock and Shock recap, the Sleepaway Camp series became one of our favorites this year. The first movie in the series is the best and most true to the horror genre. The second and third are more campy and have some ridiulousness that’s more funny than scary. However, the whole series is a lot of fun!

Sleepaway Camp

We only watched two of the very many Friday the 13th movies this year, but not for lack of trying! We made it through 1 and 8 and wanted to watch more, but simply ran out of time. That’s okay though because we have had several actual Friday the 13ths in the past year and we watched several on those days.

Classics That Were New To Me

Being a huge horror fan, it may be surprising to hear that I hadn’t seen several classic horror movies that seemingly everyone else has seen. First up on the list was the Blair Witch Project. I was expecting it to be terrible based on everything I had ever heard about it, but I actually kind of enjoyed the documentary style nature of the film.

We also watched the original Amityville Horror which was highly recommended by D. I really liked this one and in fact we were going to watch the sequels, but again ran out of time.

Classics That Were Not New To Either of Us

C.H.U.D. Enough said.

Suspiria: D showed me this movie for the first time last Halloween, and I remember thinking that the creepy atmosphere of the movie was executed very well, between the music, the visuals and the suspense factor. We reprised it this year and loved it again.

CHUD and Suspiria

New Movies

D happened to see a trailer online for the movie Unfriended and unfortunately it wasn’t available on Netflix or anywhere else we could stream it for free. We ended up ordering it from Amazon because we were intrigued. It was a unique concept for a horror movie and kept you on the edge of your seat. All the twists were pretty crazy.

Netflix didn’t disappoint entirely though, because we found a random movie while browsing through the recommendations. It was called Animal, and it was pretty scary! I would describe it as a slasher movie, but with something that isn’t human.

There were many more than just these that we enjoyed this year, but these are some of the highlights. Our next movie tradition will be to watch Planes, Trains and Automobiles during the week of Thanksgiving.


Do you have any movie traditions?

What’s your favorite horror movie?

4 Responses to “A Month of Horror Movies”

  1. I honestly hate horror movies. There is a girl that I work with who loves horror, and is always trying to convince me to watch them…

    We don’t have any movie traditions. Just whatever I feel like watching.

  2. oh man! i finally stopped watching the “saw” movies after the one where the guy was pushed in a vat of needles! i felt like i needed therapy after that one. haha. my husband hates scary movies so we watched ‘hocus pocus’ and ‘the addams family’ since i’m too chicken to watch any alone! ha!

  3. Horror is my favourite movie genre! I love all the Saw movies, and I actually enjoyed Unfriended, too! I guess it’s because we’re so familiar with social media, we could kind of connect. I watch horrors all the time 🙂 I hope you enjoyed your October!

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