Getting Organized

by Lisa on Saturday: Dec 05, 2015

As I mentioned a few weeks back, my November goals list included several home organization projects that I was excited to dig into. Here’s an update on how things went!

Pantry Storage

With D’s help, we mounted the Container Store Elfa system in the kitchen pantry. It was very easy to install, and to begin, we hung four baskets of varying sizes. I actually asked for a few more for Christmas, but this was a great start. It allowed me to take things like oil and vinegar bottles, spice containers, tea boxes and miscellaneous other items and move them to an easy-to-access and organized area. This has made a huge difference. The pantry now has so much more storage and organizational potential.

Pantry door

This isn’t a new concept for the pantry, but I did want to mention it since we’re already talking about pantry organization. I absolutely love these OXO food storage containers. I use them for pastas, flour, sugar, other baking supplies and some miscellaneous other things. I love them and will probably continue to add to my collection.

Pantry containers

Office Closet

The office was a bit of a bigger project simply because it required me to sort through everything inside, do some purging of items, and reorganize the whole thing. I started by purchasing many small clear containers to hold the smaller items like wall hooks, backup printer cartridges, scrapbook supplies and Christmas tags.

Office closet

We also went ahead and installed another Elfa system here, which still needs another small piece to finish it off. This will eventually be the place where I store rolls of wrapping paper. 

Office closet door

Another area of the house that needed some organizational attention was the master bathroom closet, which is also used as our “medicine cabinet” since we don’t have any traditional medicine cabinets in our bathrooms. I originally had two baskets in there that contained a mishmash of medicines, first aid and toiletries. I decided to increase the number of baskets and separate them into categories.

Medicine cabinet

Side note: D will never stop making fun of me for the name of “Quils” basket (it contains Dayquil, Nyquil and Zzzquil).

All of these changes may seem minor, but each one has increased the usability and efficiency of each individual area. I’m looking forward to doing some more organization projects in the next year!


Today is D’s birthday! Happy birthday D!


What area of your house needs the most organizational help?

Tell me about something you recently organized!

9 Responses to “Getting Organized”

  1. megabrooke says:

    Haha, I love that you have a “Quils” basket! You must have a lot of Quils to fill a basket! You’ve inspired me with your organizing— our pantry, that’s one area that could use help. I have always wanted to get those containers for flour and sugar and stuff. I’ll have to check out the ones you mentioned. I like the look of them rather than opened, rolled bags of sugar and baking stuff… and I’d imagine it obviously keeps things fresher longer too!

    • Lisa says:

      They definitely keep things fresher longer! I feel much better about storing items like that for longer periods of time once they’re in those containers.

  2. Wow, I am impressed with your organizing! Such a difference. Clutter makes me anxious so organizing is important around our house. Our spare bedroom started to become the catch-all room so I overhauled and organized it recently using bins, containers and baskets oh and a big box for donation and it looks great!

  3. I love your “Quils” basket. I think that name is genius & I knew exactly what you meant. Haha.

    Pretty much my whole house could use some organization, but I always struggle with organizing tupperware and athletic gear/clothes. Not sure why, but they all end up everywhere.

  4. Funny, I just finished organizing one of those hidden closets in my house. Finally. I have been avoiding that one for a long time. FEELS SOOOO GOOD.

    Your organization tips and photos look great! Way to go!

  5. Love this! So perfect because I actually finally organized my drunk drawer today! I love your clean and crisp shots- I’ll have to step up my organizational game!

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