Christmas Conclusion

by Lisa on Sunday: Dec 27, 2015

The Christmas season has officially come to an end! Between Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, the holiday tends to go by in a whirlwind of activity and events. I thought I’d do a quick recap of the past few days for the blog.

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve has always been the biggest celebration in my family, and because of that, D comes along for the entire day for my family’s festivities. This particular Christmas Eve, we were planning to be at my parents’ house at 1PM, so that gave D and I a chance to have a more leisurely morning. I spent my free time doing a little work in my planner and brainstormed some of my 2016 goals. (Side Note- 2 posts in the works to look out for: how I use my planner to stay organized and a 2016 resolutions post.)

The first stop of the day was my parents’ house, where we had the first round of massive quantities of food. My family is Italian, and we are seemingly constantly eating. D and I exchanged presents with my family and hung out for a little while, and then all of us took off for stop number 2: my aunt’s house. This is where my whole extended family on my mother’s side gets together for the big Christmas Eve party.

Christmas Day

Christmas Day D and I go our separate ways to visit our individual families for the first part of the day. I imagine next year will look a little different once we’re married, but since we started dating (more than 6 years ago!), this has been the system.

So, I went to my parents’ house again to open presents from “Santa” with my brother, and then my aunt and uncle came over and all of us had another big dinner. Meanwhile D was doing the same with his mother and sister. I left right after dessert and headed on down the street to D’s family’s house to spend the rest of Christmas with them.

Then at the very end of all that, D and I returned home and exchange gifts together.

For Christmas this year, I had asked for several items to help continue my house organization projects, and I spent some of yesterday working on some of that, while also forcing myself to relax (why is it so hard to let ourselves relax sometimes?). Now I’m pretty happy to say that I have Monday off as well as next Friday for New Year’s Day and the majority of the in between will be work from home days. It’s not quite what Christmas vacation used to be as a kid, but I’ll take it!


That was my Christmas in a nuthell. Tell me about yours!

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