Thinking Out Loud on Friday

by Lisa on Friday: Feb 12, 2016

Happy Friday! I’m a day late linking up with Thinking Out Loud Thursday, but I still have some random thoughts from the week to share.

Thinking Out Loud

  1. This week has been a bit of a crazy roller coaster, and I can’t say I’m too unhappy it’s over! TGIF.
  2. This Valentine’s Day is going to be spent relatively low key for D and I. Since we’re trying to save money for the wedding, we decided to do cards but no presents, and maybe have a dinner out. I’m all for low key Valentine’s Days. Low key = low stress!
  3. On the topic of the Gilmore Girls reboot, I’ve been very happy to hear all the announcements about the returning actors. Jess was always my favorite, so I’m especially happy that he’ll be back.
  4. Over the past week, I’ve had to shovel 3 times due to one snowstorm after another. However, as Timehop keeps reminding me, this winter is about 10000x better than the last one. I can’t even express how happy I am about that one.
  5. Last weekend, D and I went out on a spontaneous trip to look at wedding rings, and we ended up making a purchase! Mine matches my engagement ring pretty well, and D is having a custom ring made for himself.
  6. This week, I had the opportunity to be a part of the Runaway Bridal Planner’s blog hop, and it was a ton of fun! If she does another one, I will definitely be joining up. I was able to meet a ton of new bloggers, and I learned me a few things about the best ways to grow my blog.
  7. This week, I set a goal for myself to get to 80,000 steps on my Fitbit. I totally slacked off yesterday and only got around 3000 for the day, so today I’m trying my hardest to make up the steps. I want to hit that goal!
  8. Did anyone else catch the return of Grey’s Anatomy? What a depressing episode! Even though I’ve loved that show for ages, I think it might be reaching the end of the line here soon.
  9. Did you catch my story about how I got engaged? If not, check it out here!


Have you had to shovel snow lately?

What TV shows have you been watching lately?

5 Responses to “Thinking Out Loud on Friday”

  1. Erin says:

    I’m SO excited for Gilmore Girls! I’m also a little excited for the return of Full House.

  2. I’m so glad you were in the hop! My husband and I don’t do a whole lot for Valentine’s day either – we baked cookies together and exchanged cards. Sound like even though you were ready for the week to end, you still had an amazing weekend!!! 🙂

  3. You rebel, thinking out loud on a FRIDAY!?

    Haha, my exact thought to myself when it was freezing this weekend was that at least it was better than last year. Sigh, not the best consolation, but I remind myself it could be worse!

  4. Taylor says:

    Love a low key Valentines Day… we did the same. I loved picking out my wedding band! So cool your husband is getting a custom one! My husband lost his in the ocean on our honeymoon so he got a replacement in St. Thomas while we were on our honeymoon… hey, it makes for a good story 🙂

  5. Karen says:

    That is too much shoveling! Going to check out your engagement story 🙂

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