Planner Addict Box February Review

by Lisa on Tuesday: Feb 23, 2016

Back in November, I decided I wanted to try out one of the planner subscription boxes out on the market. As a big fan of subscription boxes as well as planners, I was pretty excited to see what was out there. I had been hearing a lot about Planner Addict, so I decided to give them a try.

February Planner Addict Box

Well, after multiple issues and many months, I finally received my first box in February.

February Planner Addict Box and Card

I will get into the issues I had with this company in a second. For now, here’s a review on what I received:

February Planner Addict Box Contents

The Planner Addict Box is a monthly subscription box catering to planner enthusiasts. The price is $15 plus $3.75 in shipping. One red flag right away is that this company doesn’t seem to keep their customers updated on social media or even very well through email. After subscribing, I realized a few days after the fact that I had never received any kind of order confirmation email or shipping estimate. Social media was no help (most companies will post updates such as: “March boxes will ship on February 28th!”, but no such luck here.

Planner Addict Washi, Post Its

American Crafts washi tape

The Planner Addict Box “Hello Gorgeous” Post Its

My Paper Love Studio planner bookmark

York Peppermint Pattie

Planner Addict Stickers, Pen

The Planner Addict Box “Darling, you are fabulous” pen

2 Sheets of Heidi Swapp stickers

1 sheet of Little Miss Paperie stickers

Planner Love Bag

Planner Addict small cloth bag


Overall, the products are cute and my favorites of the batch were the pen (it writes so smoothly!) and the Little Miss Paperie stickers.

However, here’s where the problems came in. When I ordered in November, the website was advertising the December box. As I mentioned above, I never received any kind of confirmation, so as the weeks went by, I got a little worried. In the meantime, the January box had gone on sale, and as this company always sells out extremely fast, I decided to jump on the January box as well and placed a second order.

Finally, in mid to late December, I decided I had been patient long enough and sent an email to customer service inquiring about my December box. Their response: despite the fact that the website was advertising December, I had actually placed an order for January. So, they went ahead and canceled that order so that I would not receive two January boxes and issued me a refund. Up to this point, I was only slightly annoyed, but overall happy that they had responded favorably.

But then, January rolled around, and I never received that box either. I contacted customer service again and their response was that they didn’t know what had happened, but they would issue me another refund and send me a package of “goodies” as a consolation. That was something that I wasn’t expecting and thought it was a pretty nice gesture, even though again I had missed out on another box.

This is when they really lost me: Another 2-3 weeks went by and the promised “goodies” had not arrived. I emailed them to inquire and their response was that they remembered shipping it, but couldn’t find the information anywhere. They were going to ship again. Another 2 weeks and I still did not receive it. I realize this was an “extra” they were sending me, but what got to me was the fact that they were repeatedly telling me they were shipping this package, but clearly lying to me. I emailed again after those two weeks and they told me yet again that they would be shipping the goodies. This time I received a shipping notice and actually received the package (the third time was the charm!).

Planner Addict Box Apology

The goodie package came with this apology note and contained another planner bag, another sheet of Heidi Swapp stickers and some Project Life cards.

I’m usually fairly forgiving if something goes wrong with a company, but at this point, there were too many things that went wrong, and I didn’t appreciate the dishonesty in how they handled correcting their mistake.

I have one more box coming for March, but after that I have already canceled my subscription.


Ever had a bad experience with a company like this?

Any recommendations for better planner subscription boxes?

2 Responses to “Planner Addict Box February Review”

  1. Hollie says:

    I absolutely love planners but this sounds like it wasn’t great at all. That’s so disapointing and I hope they try and fix everything.

  2. Cathy says:

    I also am having issues with receiving my subscription for March. I have received an email saying they didn’t know what happened and that they would be happy to send another box. Well they didn’t send another box. They have not offered a refund. They have already charged me for the next month. I too feel like they have lied to me.

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