A Weekend of Wedding Events

by Lisa on Tuesday: Mar 01, 2016

Now that we’re inching ever closer to the day of the wedding (4 months left!), things are really picking up in intensity when it comes to wedding planning. This weekend was a prime example of that as we packed in as many things as we possibly could while we had some free time.

Saturday was a check-in meeting with the venue. Earlier in the week, I had sent our contact some questions about logistics, etc. and we ended up with even more questions after the email exchange. It only made sense to schedule a time to go meet face to face to hash out as many things as possible. I was so happy we decided to do this because the stress has been piling up lately, and both D and I were feeling a bit lost, not knowing what we should be doing next.

This meeting helped tremendously. We talked about the timeline and overall flow of the actual day, the rehearsal, and discussed all details that we needed to order our invitations. The coordinator we met with actually complimented us on how organized and on top of everything we were. That was a relief to hear!

Sunday, we had a very fun event planned: cake tasting! When we got to the bakery, they presented us with ten (yes ten!) different flavors of cake to try, ranging from red velvet, to cannoli, to tiramisu and everything else in between. It was delicious, and we booked them to do our cake. We need to go back again to design the look of the cake, but it’s nice to have the initial booking done.

Wedding Cake Tasting

Later on in the afternoon on Sunday, we had a less fun thing to do: ordering invitations. Luckily we had prepared as much as humanly possible before going in to place our order. However, there were so many details and decisions to make, and we were there for well over an hour. I’m still a little apprehensive about all the little details coming out correct, but again, at least it’s off the list now!

What’s next? Probably outfits for the men and bridesmaid dresses. We’ll see how productive we are in March!


If you’re married/engaged, what was your favorite part of wedding planning? Least favorite?

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  1. Rebecca Jo says:

    I saw a thing the other day where someone asked someone to act like they were engaged so they could do the cake testing 🙂 haha

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