BoxyCharm February Box Review

by Lisa on Tuesday: Mar 08, 2016

I’ve been a subscriber of BoxyCharm for nearly a year now. It was my first subscription box, and it continues to be my favorite.

BoxyCharm February - Rush to Relax

The February box arrived recently, and I thought I would share its contents with you.

BoxyCharm February Contents

This is not a sponsored post. As always, I purchase this box myself.

BoxyCharm Banana Powder and Face Mask

Ofra Banana Powder Godet
I have some mixed feelings about this powder. I’ve been using it to set my under eye concealer and it seems to do a good job. However, it doesn’t come in a traditional container. It’s just a pot on its own, and they’re expecting you to pop it into one of those magnetic z-palettes. I don’t have one of those and don’t anticipate that I will ever have a need for one, so I just keep it in its little plastic envelope. It makes it a little annoying to use, but it’s not that big of a deal.

Shray Ms. Amazing Facial Mask
The packaging for this mask was very cute and creative. It came in an envelope that looks like a postcard and unfolds to reveal the product. I did have some trouble unfolding the mask itself. It was so wet and stuck together that it took me a considerable amount of time to be able to separate the layers. The mask was refreshing and moisturizing once I figured that part out.

BoxyCharm Perfume and Spongelle

Realtree for Her
This is a nice rosy, flowery perfume. It’s not too overpowering, but it did seem to be lacking in staying power. I put it on one morning and by the time I arrived at work, I couldn’t smell it anymore.

Spongelle You Have My Heart on A String
This is such a cute product! It has soap built into it, and the heart shape was very appropriate for Valentine’s day. I’m waiting to use this until I’m ready to switch out my current loofah.

BoxyCharm Highlighter and Eye Serum

Beauty for Real Blush and Glow Stick
This is a dual-sided applicator – one side is blush and the other is highlighter. This blush is definitely not my shade. I gave it a shot one morning before work and I felt like I was applying clown makeup on my face. I had to remove it immediately. The highlighter side of it is much more subtle and seems to have a little bit of bronze in it. Even though I won’t use the blush, I can see using the highlighter every now and then

Freeze 24/7 Anti-Aging Eye Serum
This is probably my most-used product in the box. For an eye product, it has a bit of an unexpected consistency, as it is more of a gel than a cream. I’ve been using it at night, and I feel like it does make a good bit of difference on my dark circles.

Even though not every product got a rave review from me, I’m still very happy with this box, and I find it very fun to try out so many new things that I otherwise would never come across. And to me it’s worth it if I can find a handful of items in each box that really work well.


Tell me about your favorite face products!

3 Responses to “BoxyCharm February Box Review”

  1. Taylor says:

    I love facial masks! I currently use the Rodan and Fields products on my face and LOVE them. They keep my skin so clear and hydrated.

  2. Rebecca Jo says:

    I love trying new products like that.
    I’d be all on that eye serum. These bags & dark circles – UGH… need all the help they can get

  3. Meh ?? Just received it. Not crazy about this one. I do like the perfume spray and the blush is really nice, but I didn t care for anything else. I just wish we were able to see what the boxes look like before being charged.

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