Thinking Out Loud Thursday

by Lisa on Thursday: Mar 24, 2016

I’m linking up with Running with Spoons today for my weekly random thoughts, brought to you by Thinking Out Loud:

Thinking Out Loud

  1. We’ve been having some super weird weather here lately. Last Thursday evening, I went to take out the trash and noticed that the sky was growing ominously dark. When I got back into the house, I checked the weather and we had a severe thunderstorm warning, and within minutes the wind was whipping and the rain was pounding down. In the middle of March, it’s pretty rare to see a severe thunderstorm.
  2. Of course, due to the coincidental timing of the storm, the trash I had put out got knocked over and tossed all around the yard!
  3. Then, the whole weekend, they were predicting a big snowstorm for this Sunday into Monday. We were going on a road trip to NYC for the weekend, and were planning to drive home on Sunday, so we kept a close eye on the forecast the whole time we were away.
  4. We did get probably 4-6 inches, but thankfully, it melted that same day. I’m hoping this is the last freak snowstorm of the season.
  5. This freak snowstorm though, decided to begin on the first day of spring. How cruel, mother nature!
  6. Possibly due to the dramatic ups and downs of the weather, the day after we got home from our long weekend away, I woke up with a bad cold and a sore throat. I’m still getting over this, but fingers crossed I’m in the home stretch.
  7. In wedding news, my wedding dress has come in! I’m going to the shop next weekend for the first try on and to schedule the first official fitting. I’m super nervous!
  8. We’ve also finally picked out a bridesmaid dress color and style, so that is all underway now. That’s a big weight off my shoulders, since I knew we had waited a little long to get that moving.
  9. Wedding planning has been completely crazy these past few months, and I know it probably won’t let up until after the big day. I have to say, without my planners, I don’t know how I would be surviving right now!
  10. I thought I was a list maker before, but now I think I have officially become a list-a-holilc. I have two planners at home, plus now I’m taking a few little notebooks in my purse for on the go, so I can jot down reminders and make more to do lists. I can’t even count how many active lists I have going right now.
  11. I’ve finally joined Instagram! I don’t know why I held out so long, but I’m really enjoying it so far. Follow me, if you’re interested!


Are you a list maker?

What do you use to keep track of your to do lists and reminders?

What are you most excited about for spring?

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