Thinking Out Loud Thursday: Wedding Edition

by Lisa on Thursday: May 19, 2016

It’s been a little while, but I’m back with a roundup of things going on with my wedding, which is now just a little more than a month away! Obviously, wedding planning has been eating into my blogging time, but I wanted to check in for a quick chat.

Thinking Out Loud

  1. I have a confession: I am so over wedding planning. It’s been taking up every minute of my day for so long now, and the stress is getting a bit old. We’re down to the little details now, but wow, I had no idea how stressful making every decision would be.
  2. Last weekend was my hair trial. I had printed out a few ideas ahead of time and ended up really liking one of the up-dos with a few modifications. Then I had to decide what to do with the bridesmaids. Originally I thought I would have my hair stylist do their hair as well, but when she told me how long that would take, it turned out not to be possible. There are only so many hours of wedding prep we will have that day! I am pretty excited about how my hair came out that day though.
  3. After finding out about the amount of time needed for the hair, I decided makeup would have to be a similar scenario. Luckily, my maid of honor’s sister is a makeup artist, so I contacted her this week, and we will be doing a makeup trial soon. I am pretty excited to see what a professional can do with my makeup.
  4. I also had my first dress fitting last week and had a few struggle with the seamstress. I’m not sure if she’s just a harsh person in general or what, but she argued with me and was not listening at all to what I wanted. It was honestly a pretty bad experience, and I left a little upset, though one of the sales associates did step in and had a talk with her at one point. In the end she agreed to what I wanted, so I just hope everything comes together when I go back, even though I’m not looking forward to dealing with her again.
  5. On a brighter note, D and I are both extremely excited about our honeymoon. We’ve made a wish list for our return trip to Tokyo and booked everything we need. I think it will be such a happy moment when we’re finally on the plane there.
  6. We’ll also be making a brief stop back at Tokyo Disney while we’re there since we had such a good time before. Now that we have some experience with Tokyo Disney under our belt, I feel like we’ll be able to get a lot more out of the parks this time.
  7. We have nearly all our RSVPs at this point, but it has been a bit of a struggle to get some people to give us their decisions. I’m sure everyone deals with these stragglers when planning a wedding. Now we’re down to maybe 5 or less who haven’t responded, so I’ll call that a win.
  8. I have bought and returned SO many pairs of shoes in the search for the right pair. I want to be comfortable and not be thinking about how much my feet are hurting, so that is a top priority. I now have 2 possibilities in the house that both seem to work both in how they look and how they feel, so I’m hopeful.

So, that’s what’s been happening! I’m very happy that a lot of the planning craziness is starting to come to an end and pretty soon we’ll be able to have a bit of a break. It’s a very exciting time, and I can’t believe it’s almost here!


Any upcoming travel plans for the summer?

What was the last place you visited?

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