August BoxyCharm | Subscription Box Review

by Lisa on Tuesday: Aug 23, 2016

I’m so happy to be back to reviewing my favorite subscription box of all time: BoxyCharm!

August Boxy Charm Box

I honestly don’t think there’s a better box out there for the price, and I love the fact that they always send full sized products.

August BoxyCharm - full box

This is not sponsored in any way, and I pay for BoxyCharm with my own money.

August Boxy Charm Box - Hashtag

This month, BoxyCharm debuted a new box design, complete with its own hashtag. I’m sure they launched this new design with Instagram in mind.

August Boxy Charm Box - Blush and Bronzer Palette

The biggest item in the box this month was the Coastal Scents blush and bronzer palette. The palette comes with its own brush, which is pretty cute and very soft.

August Boxy Charm Box - Blush and Bronzer Palette Colors

When I first swatched the colors, they didn’t seem to have very much pigmentation, but when applying on the face it was a whole different story. I’ve been using the bronzers the most and going very lightly with the blushes as they look pretty heavy on my very pale skin.

August Boxy Charm Box - Serum and Liquid Lipstick

I was very excited to see such a large skin serum in this box. The brand is Aloette and it retails for $48 (more than twice the cost of the box)! I’ve tried it a few times and like the way it feels on the skin. I will be incorporating this into my nightly routine as soon as I run out of what I am currently using.

The next product in the box is the Dirty Little Secret Velvet Matte Liquid Lipstick. This color is a very bright red and WAY outside of my lipstick comfort zone. I will keep it around though for special occasions/when I’m feeling brave.

August Boxy Charm Box - Mascara and Shadow Stick

I had high hopes for the Beauty for Real Shadow Stick, and it even looked pretty awesome when swatched on my hand. I had never tried a shadow stick before, and it had been something I thought I might like. On the eyes, I tried this two ways: first on top of a primer. Total fail! You couldn’t even see that I had put any product on. Today I tried using it as a base for my regular eyeshadow. This worked better, but it still wasn’t anything magical.

August Boxy Charm Box - Shadow Stick

I have not yet cracked open the Doucee Cosmetics Maxlash Volumizer Mascara since I’m working through several mascaras at the moment. However, I’m always happy to have another high quality mascara to add to my collection.

August Boxy Charm Box - Card

And that’s it for this month! I’m very happy with the contents of this box, and most things I started using immediately because I was so excited about them. My favorites from the box are the blush and bronzer palette and the face serum.


What is your favorite subscription box?

Do you enjoy wearing bright red lipstick?

2 Responses to “August BoxyCharm | Subscription Box Review”

  1. Taylor says:

    I haven’t used a shadow stick either, but that looks so neat!! I am definitely not brave in the lipstick department. I usually just stick to chapstick or lipgloss, but I do always love bright lipstick on other people!

    • Lisa says:

      I’m the same – my usual is a chapstick or something that looks barely there on my lips.

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