BoxyCharm | September 2016

by Lisa on Saturday: Oct 01, 2016

Spoiler alert: I have one thing to say about the September BoxyCharm…

It was the best box ever!

BoxyCharm September - Contents

This month’s theme was “Camp Glam” and included some amazing products that I will be using regularly from now on. BoxyCharm has always been my favorite beauty subscription box, and this month really proves why.

As always, I am not sponsored by/affilated with BoxyCharm in any way.

BoxyCharm September - Hairgurt and Butter Nail Polish

Project Beauty Hairgurt Smoothing Yogurt Hair Masque
We’re starting off with a giant hit right here (and it’s not even the biggest hit in this box!). I gave this a shot in the shower the day I opened this box. I used it in place of conditioner and crossed my fingers that I wouldn’t regret skipping that step (my hair would be unbrushable without conditioner of some kind in it). Well, I didn’t have anything to worry about because this transformed my hair into something so smooth and soft I barely recognized it. This may have to become a staple for me in my hair care routine.

butterLONDON Trend Nail Lacquer
I’ve never tried butterLONDON nail polishes before, but I have heard that the formula is very high quality, and the price tag matches this claim. This is a nice fall color that I will try out as soon as I’m ready to take off the polish I’m currently wearing. I’m excited to finally give this brand a try!

BoxyCharm September - Lipstick and Eyeliner

Hikari Cosmetics Eye Liner
I haven’t cracked this eye liner open just yet because I have such a large backlog of eyeliners to get through. I am always happy to have backups of the things I use regularly, so this will be well used once I get to it.

PUR Cosmetics Lip Lure
This is the only product in the box that I have some doubts about. As I mentioned in last month’s review, dark lip colors aren’t really my thing, but this one seems like it might be more wearable if applied with a light hand. Will I ever reach for it? That remains to be seen.

BoxyCharm September - Palette

Studio Makeup “On-The-Go” Palette
We’re both starting and ending this review with a bang. This is the absolute star of the box.

BoxyCharm September - Palette Colors

BoxyCharm has included several palettes in the past, and while they were good, they were never of the “OMG I love it” variety. Well, this one is. The formula is so creamy and blendable. I was able to do a really nice look with it without much hassle (and I’m definitely not an expert when it comes to applying eye shadow). This is now my go-to everyday palette! I just can’t put it down.


If you’re looking for a high quality beauty subscription box to try out, BoxyCharm has my vote as #1, even over Sephora. It’s my favorite package to get in the mail every month!


Have you tried out BoxyCharm?

What’s your favorite subscription service?

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    That hair mask looks amazing!!

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