Workout Week in Review: 10/26 – 11/1

by Lisa on Monday: Nov 02, 2015

Happy November, everyone! This time of year is always a bit hard on me because of the descent into winter, the shorter daytime hours and general changing-of-the-seasons weirdness. However, turning the calendar over onto a fresh new month is always exciting and makes me want to set new goals.

This week had some new challenges thrown in, which I will get into in a minute.

Here’s what the week looked like:

Monday: This was the big conclusion to the 21 Day Fix! I did the last workout in the rotation and felt pretty good about myself for having finished the full three weeks of the program. The only downside was that this was the Pilates workout, and the past few times I did this one, it ended up hurting my hip during the side series. I actually had to skip most of that section (after attempting it for a few reps).

Tuesday: I have to admit, I was super psyched to do a workout that was NOT the 21 Day Fix on this day. I queued up a 45 minute TurboFire workout which was a lot of fun.


Wednesday: I decided to keep some of the Fix workouts in my rotation, so on this day I decided to go with the upper body workout. But again, at the end my hip was bothering me.

My right hip has been feeling a little off since mid-October when D and I went to a few concerts in a row that required standing for long periods of time, and I was doing a lot of walking and exercising at the same time. Something about that combo did not agree with my hip. I ended up taking off Thursday and Friday to see if that would help.

Saturday: After a few days of rest, I thought I’d try some Zumba. I did 30 minutes of the “Mix” DVD which is a lot of different dances from around the world. Super fun workout. But still not so good when it came to my hip.

After the way the whole week went with my hip feeling off, I’ve decided I have to take it easy and let whatever’s going on have some time to heal. I’m not exactly sure why it hasn’t been feeling right, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.


Tell me about some of your accomplishments from the week!

Workout Week in Review – 10/19 – 10/25

by Lisa on Sunday: Oct 25, 2015

This week was a pretty successful week in the world of workouts. First of all, my stress level was much lower this week than the past two weeks. Another thing that helped me be successful was waking up early in the mornings to get in my workout first thing0 before I left for work. I find that I’m most consistent when I do the early morning routine, rather than waiting until lunch time or after work, when I have a whole day to make excuses as to why I can skip the workout.

To recap, here’s what I did:

Monday – Friday: 21 Day Fix workouts. Wednesday I was having a particularly tired/not feeling well type of day, so instead of skipping the workout and ruining my good streak, I decided to do the 21DF yoga workout instead. I was very happy with this decision because it let me stretch out and get in a workout without pushing myself too hard. Generally this workout comes at the end of the week, but I find that it works best for me to mix and match the workouts depending how I’m feeling on any given day.

Monday I also got in 30 minutes of dance cardio after completing my 21 Day Fix workout. This was a great way to kick off the week because it made me feel very accomplished and pushed me to do more the rest of the week.

Saturday I took the day off unintentionally. It was a big day here because my family and D’s family met each other for the very first time! It ended up going great, but by the time the evening rolled around and everyone went home, I just couldn’t fathom doing something active.

Today, I have on the agenda the Dirty 30 workout in the 21 Day Fix rotation, which when completed will mean that I worked out 6 out of 7 days this week. I’m very happy with this result!

After tomorrow’s Pilates workout, the 3 weeks of 21 Day Fix workouts will have concluded. This is the first time I’m ever going to have done the full 21 days (even though I did stretch them out into 4 weeks).

What is my plan after this? I’m going to ease up on the Fix schedule, while still keeping the workouts in my rotation. As I’ve mentioned before, I have a love/hate relationships with the Fix in that the workouts kick my butt while I’m doing them and take a lot of motivation to get through, but they do give me the results I’m looking for. I’m tentatively planning to do an every other day Fix workout and an every other day “fun” cardio workout with a rest day next Sunday when we’re attending a friend’s wedding.


What kind of workouts did you do this week?

Workout Week In Review: 10/12 – 10/18

by Lisa on Monday: Oct 19, 2015

Another week, another workout week in review!

This past week was a fun one for D and I because we not only went to a concert on Wednesday night, but we also went to a horror convention on Saturday. Needless to say, as a result the week was very busy and involved some late nights.

The prior week I had completed 4 of the 7 workouts for that particular week of the 21 Day Fix. This week, I completed the remaining 3, plus added in one short dance cardio workout on top of that.

In the end, I stretched out week 2 of the 21 Day Fix into two weeks. I felt a lot stronger during the workouts, and found that I was able to do some moves better than before. For example, I was able to hold the full one minute plank, followed by another plank series right after. I almost always have had to cut the plank slightly short in the past.


This week I’m going to buckle down and aim to work out every day to complete the third and final week of the plan! I’m already off to a good start on that, as I’ve done the first workout today followed by another half hour of dance cardio. If I stay on track with a daily workout, I will have completed the 21 Day Fix by Sunday. This is big because I’ve never actually completed the whole workout plan before.

I’m going wedding dress shopping in 3 weeks, so it’s time to kick it into high gear!


Tell me something interesting about your last week!

Workout Week In Review 10/5 – 10/11

by Lisa on Monday: Oct 12, 2015

Welcome to the second installment of my attempt to be held accountable: the workout week in review!

While I had some ambitions last week to add in a few additional workouts to the schedule, everything went a little haywire when my work schedule went off the rails. As a result, the week was slightly less successful than week 1, but I still got in 4 quality 21 Day Fix workouts. They were: Total Body Cardio, Upper Fix, Lower Fix and Cardio Fix.

Rather than beating myself up for missing the other 3 days, I’m going to focus on the fact that this is still way more than I would have done previously. And I have no intention of letting this de-rail me from the rest of the 21 days. I will just extend the schedule however long it takes to get it done.

I’m at the point in the program where I’m still sore almost everyday after I’ve done a workout (which I like because that means I know I’ve done something), but it’s not the kind of incapacitating soreness that can happen when you start strength training after a long time off.

Also, I have to admit that when I’m not doing a regimented program like this, I do tend to completely throw strength training out the window in favor of something “fun” and cardio based like dancing.

Looking forward, my plan for this week is to make up the 3 workouts I missed from last week and start right back over onto what would be the beginning of the 3rd and final week of the Fix. And this time I really mean it that I’m going to get in an extra cardio based workout!


Which do you prefer: strength training or cardio?

Workout Week in Review

by Lisa on Sunday: Oct 04, 2015

It’s been a long, crazy week, but I can certainly look back and say that I did well with my workouts. In fact, I haven’t been this consistent in recent memory. This week was a complete restart of the 21 Day Fix, so my workouts revolved around that particular plan. Next week I’m going to attempt to add in a few other things for variety, while still staying with the daily Fix workouts.

Here’s what the week looked like:


21 Day Fix Total Body Cardio: This workout in particular always kicks my butt. I think it has something to do with the surrenders at the beginning. They are no joke and the whole workout always makes my heart pump like crazy.


21 Day Fix Upper Fix: The hardest part of this workout for me is the pushups immediately followed by a plank. Those are two exercises I need to work on quite a bit!


21 Day Fix Lower Fix: So many lunges! This is a really effective lower body workout, and I hope I’m a little stronger in this area next week.


21 Day Fix Cardio Fix: This one is a pure cardio workout. Just when I think the day 1 workout is as hard as my heart is going to pump this week, the regular cardio hits, and it’s even more insane.


21 Day Fix Pilates: I worked from home on this day, and for some reason when I’m out of my normal routine, I find it even harder to get myself to do a workout. However, I did and this Pilates workout is great and comes at just the right time to give the rest of my muscles a rest.


21 Day Fix Dirty 30: I think this is actually my favorite of the fix workouts. It’s challenging, but seems a little more manageable than the other workouts.


The workout hasn’t happened yet, but on the agenda is the “active rest day” which includes the 21DF yoga DVD. D has actually expressed interest in doing this workout with me, so that will be fun.

I feel like every single one of my muscles got a good workout in this week. I have a love/hate relationship with this plan because the workouts are so hard, and I generally tend to gravitate toward more “fun” workouts like Zumba. However, I can’t argue with the results I get when I do these workouts. I’m going to stick with it next week and see if any of the days feel at all easier than they did last week.


What does your current workout schedule look like?