The New Workout Plan

by Lisa on Saturday: Jun 15, 2013

I’ve been a little absent from the blog world for a few weeks, mostly because of the news I shared in my last post. Who knew that the most stressful part of buying a house would take place AFTER finding the house and getting an offer accepted? There’s so much to think about and still more agreements to negotiate with the sellers after the fact. It’s really a whole post on its own.

But in the midst of all the chaos, phone calls, negotiations and packing, I’ve been attempting to revamp my workout routine. It was a little bit of bad timing, but the week we bought the house was the week I had scheduled to start my new workout plan, and thus it didn’t go 100% as planned, but it certainly did help me get a jump start on things. I decided to go back to the bootcamp program that I did at the beginning of the year and attempt to do it all the way through. I put together a (printed out) calendar and wrote down each workout every weekday for 8 weeks. I figured printing out the calendar would help motivate me because I would be able to cross off each workout as I did it and be able to see exactly how much I had done and how much I had left at any given point.

Before this new plan, I was working out on a pretty consistent basis, but I had fallen back into my pattern of all cardio all the time with dancing being my primary form of exercise, sometimes throwing in some pushups and reverse crunches. But this bootcamp program, just as it did before, kicks my butt in a way that is hard to believe. After every single workout, I’m crazy sore. The last bootcamp workout I did was on Thursday, and here I sit on Saturday still feeling the pain in my thighs from the dozens and dozens of lunges and squats I did during that particular workout. I never push myself as hard on my own as I do when I’m doing these workouts.

I haven’t been following the diet plan that the bootcamp program recommends, but I might look into adding that to my routine this coming week. I’d really like to see some significant results this time around, and as always, my love of food and drink does tend to get in the way of that.

I’m about 3 weeks in, and I’ve been doing about 3 of the bootcamp workouts per week. There were days, especially during the first week, when I really desperately wanted to get a workout in on one particular day or another, but there was just no humanly possible way it was going to happen. Getting the house stuff in order was the priority that week, so I’m happy that I was able to do what I could at the time.

What are some exercises that you love to hate? What’s your least favorite exercise of all time?

Mine has to be doing lunges with an overhead press using weights. They always make me feel like I’m going to pass out!

The Perfect Time for A Workout

by Lisa on Tuesday: Feb 05, 2013

And the award for the perfect time for a workout goes to… while procrastinating!

Today was quite the stressful day at the office. There’s a big deadline looming and I have a lot of work to do to meet it. Today was one of those days where I worked through lunch, left the office at 5 and came home to sign back on and continue working for a few more hours. Not only is it hard to have days like that mentally, but physically it can also be tough because our bodies get bored and restless when sitting in a chair for hours and hours and hours on end.

When I left the office, even despite the knowledge that I still had work ahead of me, I decided to throw on my workout clothes and do my bootcamp workout. I wanted to spend an hour doing something physical rather than mental to clear my mind and help me calm down from the stress of the day.

The workout was SUPER tough, but I think it did the job. These past few days, my workouts have been making me feel so much calmer and focused after they’re over. Maybe it’s because they require so much physical exertion that my mind gets a very rare break. Who knows why it is? But either way, I’m liking it.

Also, knowing that when I finished the workout I would have to get back to working made me want to keep working out so I didn’t have to get back on the computer so quickly 🙂

I’m behind on the official Fitmixer workout schedule because I started one week late and because of the days I took off last week when my hip was hurting. I’m officially one day away from finishing week 2 of the workouts. I’m going to hang in there for the full 8 weeks!

I hope everyone’s week is off to a good start!


by Lisa on Thursday: Jan 31, 2013

I was rolling along pretty well with my bootcamp workouts until a couple of days ago. I worked out on Monday night and felt fine afterward. Then on Tuesday, out of the blue in the middle of the work day, my hip started killing me. I was basically limping all over the office and with every step, I felt a shooting pain from my hip down my leg. Not good. At all. I knew I had to, at the very least, abandon my plans for a workout that night. The pain lasted all night, not getting any better.

I made the executive decision that I would take a few days off of the program to rest it and to make sure to avoid further damaging whatever was wrong. I decided to work from home yesterday and today (I knew it wouldn’t be a good idea to be walking back and forth to the office, plus that meant I could sit and ice it for most of the day).

Luckily, it is starting to feel better. It hasn’t hurt as much as it did on Tuesday since then. I frankly have no idea what I did to it or why it didn’t start hurting until the middle of the next day, but injuries are never fun things to deal with.

It can be pretty discouraging to deal with a setback like this, especially when I was seeing some good progress up to this week. This is now my third day off from working out and I know I’m falling a little bit behind on the Fitmixer program, but I have to keep reminding myself that this is the right/safest thing to do. I’m pretty big on momentum and consistency, so I’m just hoping this doesn’t throw me off too much!

My tentative plan is to wake up tomorrow morning before work and try out the next Fitmixer workout. If anything hurts, I’ll modify it or skip the step. If all goes well, I’ll do the next two workouts over the weekend and try to catch up on what I missed.

Have you every dealt with a workout injury?

A Bootcamp Butt-Kicking

by Lisa on Wednesday: Jan 23, 2013

Not that I was expecting anything less, but bootcamp is definitely kicking my butt. Today is day 3, and I’ve actually stuck to things amazingly well so far. The meal plans are adjustable (I’m substituting the meat for vegetarian friendly proteins and subbing in a snack here and there), so that’s been nice.

The hardest parts so far?

– Drinking 120 oz of water a day. I feel like I’m constantly chugging water!
– No candy/cookies/anything with added sugar or white flour. I generally don’t eat very much of that stuff, but every afternoon between the hours of 2 and 4, I REALLY want something sweet to help get me through the end of the day

The workouts have been extremely difficult too. Day 1 was a fitness test that you take at the beginning and end of the program to assess your progress. I certainly hop I come a long, long way from where I started! The fitness test alone completely wore out my legs and arms. Day 2 was very muscle-specific and I’m feeling it like crazy today in all my muscles.

This morning’s workout included tabata intervals, and after yesterday, my body just wasn’t having it. My thighs were NOT HAPPY about the jump squats, among other things. I wasn’t able to do all of the tabata intervals as a result.

After all that, I declared that tomorrow will be a rest day! My muscles need to repair themselves and my body needs to recover.

I’m hoping I can stick to it and see some results here soon! I’ll keep updating the blog as the weeks go on with how things are going.

Gearing up for Bootcamp

by Lisa on Sunday: Jan 20, 2013

One of the things I decided to do for my fitness this year was to sign up for Fitmixer Bootcamp. I had been reading rave reviews on the program from other bloggers for the past year or so, and had wanted to give it a try. I was lucky enough to catch a huge deal on the package during a Cyber Monday sale, so I signed up. Technically, the program began last Monday, but there was a little delay in getting my package of supplies in time, so I decided I would start tomorrow instead. I just watched the first webcast and prepared my food for tomorrow and I’m ready to go!

This week promises to be pretty busy and tough for many reasons. The first being getting accustomed to this bootcamp, and the second being that this is the week that D returns to school after winter break. To hopefully make things run a little smoother on all counts, I did a huge amount of preparation for the week this afternoon. Here are some of the things I did:

Regular Week Prep
– 5 sandwiches made for D’s lunches for the week
– 5 salads made for my lunches for the week
– Organized my clothes so that I know what I’ll be wearing each day (I haven’t done this in a while, but the extra organization is what I’m craving right now)

Bootcamp Prep
– Separated the different protein and other supplements into resealable containers
– Watched the first 30 minute webcast
– Printed out my meal plan and prepped my snacks for tomorrow
– Browsed through the Day 1 workouts so I know what to expect

This bootcamp is going to be intense – I can already tell! But I know that if I can stick to it, I’m going to see some great results. I’m excited and nervous at the same time. I’ll be sure to blog about how things go during the 8 weeks of the program!