So I Went Wedding Dress Shopping

by Lisa on Sunday: Nov 15, 2015

Before I begin today’s post, I want to acknowledge the events in Paris on Friday night. I started hearing about what was happening before I left work that night, and then followed along on social media and the news for a few hours afterward. Thoughts and prayers go out to all who were affected by these horrible events.


Last Saturday was a big day in the wedding planning journey because… I went wedding dress shopping!

To be honest, I was sort of dreading this day because I didn’t think it was going to go well, and I was anticipating a lot of frustration. This is mostly because I’ve never had much luck finding clothes I like of any kind in the past, combined with not having my bridesmaids local to go shopping with me, and topped off by the fact that I’m not nearly at the weight I want to be for trying on dresses.

However, I psyched myself up and reminded myself that this is one of those events that comes along once in a lifetime and is something that I should be having fun with. I was as prepared as I could possibly be going into the day. I had spent the week prior scouring the dress websites and making documents of the dresses I liked so that I could print them and take them with me. I had also been browsing through Brides magazine for a few months (thanks to a gift I had received last Christmas of a subscription).

Brides Magazine

I had a lot of trouble finding dresses I liked in the magazines. The style I was anticipating going for was a ballgown with sparkle – but no lace, flowers, feathers or tulle. I like the “clean lines” look and the smoother fabrics. The pictures I printed out represented this.

I had made two appointments for the day and my parents were accompanying me, though my mother was the only one who came into the shops. The first shop was the “fancier” of the two and had a ton of dresses and designers available. When I got there, we were assigned a sales associate who would be helping me and she showed me around to the designers that fell within my budget. Right off the bat, I found it difficult to find anything that fit my style profile that I mentioned above, but I did spot a few ballgowns that had at least a little bit of sparkle going on. When I tried them on though, I realized something else that I needed to add to my “must have” list: straps. The strapless look did not work with my body type at all, and I was constantly pulling up on the dresses, worrying that they were showing too much skin.

After about an hour and a half there and 5 or 6 dresses that I tried on, I decided to call it quits at that shop. They were very nice there, but there was just nothing that was working for me. So, off we went to shop #2.

Of course, during the drive between shops, I was getting down about the fact that this might be a failed mission, and that the day would end without a dress. We got to the second shop about a half hour early for our appointment, and after checking in, they told us to just browse around until our assigned associate was available. This was an interesting development because we weren’t given the chance to browse around on our own at the first shop, and it proved to make all the difference.

Right off the bat, I found 3 dresses that fit exactly what I had discovered I wanted while shopping at the first store. We pulled 5 dresses total and had them ready to go before the sales associate even came over to help. This shop was a completely different experience than the first and almost every dress I tried on was a hit.

The third one I tried on in that store ended up being the one. I can’t share too many details about it because D may read this post, but I’m very excited about it, and to make things even better, the dress came in under budget!

In conclusion, I don’t think I had so much to dread in advance of going shopping. I’m a worrier by nature, and I think that was just my anxious side coming out. Overall I’m very happy with the dress I chose, and I can’t wait to see it again when it eventually comes in, especially because I anticipate having lost more of the weight by then. Purchasing a dress really made the whole “I’m getting married” thing feel much more real than it has thus far.


For those who have been married, what did your dress look like?

Anyone else have a hard time shopping for clothes?

Random Friday Thoughts

by Lisa on Friday: Mar 15, 2013

It’s Friday and I’ve got a lot of random stuff on my mind, so I thought I’d give you some random Friday thoughts:

1. As blog readers, I’m sure many of you have heard that Google Reader is going to be shut down come July 1. I saw the notification pop up on my reader yesterday and I was shocked! I’ve been using Google Reader for years, and I’m on it practically all day every day keeping up with blogs and the news. I had no idea that RSS readers had started becoming unpopular, and frankly, I don’t think this void can be filled by a regular old social networking site. I will need to start looking for new RSS readers to take over. Anyone have any recommendations?

2. Bootcamp officially ended about a week ago, but I’m a few weeks behind due to starting a week late, taking a little time off for a small injury and just generally not doing 5 of their workouts every week (instead peppering in my own workouts as well). I still have about 3 weeks worth of workouts left to complete, but at this point, I’m going to take my time and not rush to finish them.

3. Speaking of bootcamp, last weekend, D and I did one of the workouts together! It was his first time trying out one of these bootcamp workouts, and we were both feeling it the next day. I think he finally understands how hard these workouts are, and I have to say it was really fun having someone to commiserate with while we were both feeling the pain of the reps.

4. Last weekend the weather was nice for the first time in a long time, so D and I ventured out to an outdoor mall in a nearby town. I decided to force myself to buy at least one article of clothing while we were out. Generally, clothes shopping and I don’t get along whatsoever. I’m too picky and too unwilling to part with my money. We went to pretty much the only store where I ever find clothes that I like: New York & Company and they had SO many pretty things in spring colors. I ended up buying a dressy shirt and a bright blue skirt.


I tried on many more things than just those two, but nothing else quite felt right. I was reminded again of how much I’d like to drop a size or two by summer.

5. I’m officially getting my hair cut tomorrow afternoon! I can’t even remember the last time I got a hair cut, so I’m hoping this will be a nice change. I really shouldn’t go this long without at least a trim.

6. Important info for vegetarians, especially with St. Patrick’s Day coming up this weekend: Guinness beer is not vegetarian. Read more about it here.

How do you feel about the Google Reader news? Anyone as upset as me?

Need… more… energy

by Lisa on Monday: Nov 28, 2011

I followed through on what I posted yesterday and woke up today at 6:30 for Zumba. Man, did I ever not want to get out of bed or do anything this morning. I was tired, but it wasn’t the kind of tired where I wanted to just go back to sleep. I just didn’t WANT to do anything. Maybe it was knowing that the long weekend and the holiday I had been looking forward to were over. Maybe it was the fact that it was Monday morning at 6:30, and I have a full week ahead of me. In any case, I did get up and I did do Zumba, but it did not feel good today. And evey now as the work day is about to finally end, I’m still exhausted and can’t wait to get back into bed tonight.

On the plus side, D found out last night that one of his short stories just got accepted for publication at an online magazine! He was super excited and so was I. He’s a very talented writer and he’s worked long and hard on his stories. Just this past year he’s started having success getting them published and I’ve been encouraging him and helping him out as much as possible. I’m very excited for him.

Also, I’ve been making good progress with my Christmas shopping. I have a list written out of everyone I need to buy for and I’m slowly working my way through it on Amazon. I don’t plan to do a single bit of shopping in an actual store this year, if I can help it. It’s not worth it to have to drive somewhere, spend a half hour looking for parking and get all worked up over all the rude people.

Did anyone find any great cyber monday deals this year? I haven’t been able to find anything I’m looking for on sale for some reason. We did get a decent deal on that TV we ordered over the weekend, but I don’t feel like it was anything extraordinarly special to be qualified as a Black Friday deal. I’ve also been on the hunt for a decently priced Roomba, but haven’t had much luck with that either.

Here’s hoping tomorrow comes with more energy than today!