Signs of Spring

by Lisa on Saturday: Mar 09, 2013

It’s been a long, hard winter around here. I started drafting this post 2 days ago and unbeknownst to me, we were about to get another foot of snow dumped on us. The weathermen got the forecast all wrong and everyone was caught off guard. Thankfully, today it’s 45 degrees and everything is melting nicely.

snow - the day after

I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of the snow, but I have been seeing subtle signs lately that spring is coming. We’ve had a string of days in the 40s, a lot (but not all) of the snow has melted and the happiest sight: the Canadian geese are coming out of hiding.

We have a large number of these little guys that live in and around the tiny lakes that surround our apartment complex and the office park that connects to it, and when the weather isn’t terrible, they’re always out there. They don’t seen to migrate away for the winter, and they certainly don’t seem to be afraid of snow, ice or cold.


The other day on my walk home from work, there were about 10 of them swimming around in the half-frozen pond right next to my office. Half the pond was still solid ice, but the other half had melted back into water. They were swimming in the water part peacefully and happily, despite the fact that the water must have been a freezing temp. I wish I had taken a pic of that sight – these pics are all from last year, but that doesn’t make them any less cute.



(Look at them with their babies! So adorable.)

I’m really crossing my fingers that we get some good weather soon so it can start motivating me a little more than the frequent blizzards have been.

Are you getting any spring weather yet where you live?

Randomness from The Week

by Lisa on Saturday: Feb 16, 2013

Happy weekend everyone! It’s been another long, stressful week over here with that work deadline I mentioned last week looming. You know it’s bad when you go home at the end of a long day and have dreams about it! I’m hoping the worst is over in terms of work stress for the month (fingers crossed…) and that things can get back to normal.

During the work week, I fit in two bootcamp workouts, one “fun” workout and then took off two days due to lack of time. I just finished up another bootcamp session, though I have to admit that I didn’t do it all. I was lacking motivation and my body wasn’t cooperating with certain moves. I still feel like I got in a decent workout, but not as good as it could have been.

In other news, Thursday was Valentine’s day, and D and I went out for a casual dinner and exchanged cards. We decided that we wouldn’t do presents this year — and for good reason. In the month of December we have D’s birthday, followed by Christmas. In January, we have our half anniversary (which, yes we still celebrate :), and we both went all out with presents during those events. We still had a great time together on V-Day without presents and it was sort of nice keeping things low key.

We’re still sort of reeling from the blizzard here, and that snow just doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. I walk to work, but all the paths I usually take were completely blocked off this week. I climbed over so many snow mountains and stepped through ocean-sized puddles this week!


(Yes, there’s a car under there somewhere.)

How was your week? Did you celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Yesterday’s Workout

by Lisa on Monday: Feb 11, 2013

The most un-fun workout of all time: shoveling!








At least it was sunny out, right?

Housebound And Hunkered Down

by Lisa on Saturday: Feb 09, 2013

What a week! I’ve been a little MIA from the blogging world for the past few days, not by choice, but because every crazy thing in the world decided to happen all at the same time. Work was insane, and I worked late pretty much every night. My stress level was off the charts because of that and a huge deadline that we’re trying to meet at the office.

On top of that, my father went for some tests this week to see if his heart is okay. Thankfully, he got the all clear after a stress test on Thursday and we can all breathe a little bit of a sign of relief. However, we also found out earlier this week that his cousin has inoperable liver/pancreas cancer and things are going downhill fast. Such a sad situation for the family.

And, in case you haven’t heard, Boston got hit with a gigantic blizzard yesterday. We got about 2 feet of snow in total. D and I have not yet ventured outside to dig out our cars (something that will surely take hours) because the windchill today was hovering somewhere around 1 degree Fahrenheit. The storm was so bad that the governor banned ALL travel starting at 4PM yesterday, meaning that you couldn’t get in your car to go anywhere, even if you wanted/had to. They were threatening to put you in jail for up to a year if you were out on the road! I’ve never in my life heard of anything like that.

I’ll have to take some pics when we go out tomorrow to shovel, but I’ve seen a few crazy ones flying around on facebook and otherwise. Like this one from down at the beach:


After this week and everything that happened, I’ve never been so happy to be stuck in the house. D and I are being very productive – cleaning, organizing and doing everything that we’ve neglected.

Were you affected by the blizzard? How is your weekend going?

Musings on Winter

by Lisa on Friday: Nov 09, 2012

Three events happened in the past week that have affected life in various ways:

1. We turned back the clocks
2. The election FINALLY ended
3. We here in the northeast have been unceremoniously been plunged into winter

Events #1 and #3 sort of go hand in hand. On the one hand, it was gloriously sweet to have an extra hour of weekend to spend however I wanted due to the clock change last week. On the other, I am now commuting home at 5PM in the pitch black, freezing cold of night. I walk to work and back because the office is so close, and this week, it was particularly creepy due to these factors. I have to walk through a large expanse of grass and trees (I call it “the forest”, but I may be exaggerating just a little ;)) and I pretty much couldn’t see the ground I was walking on. At one point, I saw some sort of animal darting between some of the trees and then spent the rest of the walk afraid that something was going to jump out at me!

Wednesday, the sun seemed to set at 4:30 because of a storm rolling in (it was a noreaster) and we had our first snowfall. And on my walk home from work it was 37 degrees with a wind chill of 23. Ick.

Winter can be a funny thing when it comes to our moods and motivation. I know for myself, when the weather gets this nasty, I don’t want to go outside at all and I want to eat lots of fattening comfort foods. Exercising seems more like a chore as well. However, this winter, I’m not going to let the winter blues get me! In the past year or so I’ve put on a few extra pounds that I haven’t been able to shake, and now I’m working harder than ever to get rid of them. My motivation is thinking about the spring and summer time when all the cute clothes will come out and we can shed the layers of heavy coats and sweaters. I want to be able to wear all those cute tops I have in the back of my closet and have some arm muscles to show off! Is it a little early to be thinking about spring? Maybe. But if that’s what’s going to keep me going through the next several months, then that’s what I’m going to focus on!

The 30 day shred is still going strong and I’ve had the first sightings of some muscle showing through already. This is very encouraging for me and makes me want to do it more.

As for event #2 in my list of events from this past week, I have this to say: whatever your beliefs, I hope you all got out to vote and that the election treated you well.

Are you experiencing winter yet where you live?