by Lisa on Wednesday: Aug 14, 2013

After all the stress and worry that came with buying a house and moving, D and I knew we needed to take a vacation and get away from reality for a while. It was very important to me that we do this, and throughout the whole process of moving, I kept saying that at the end, we would plan our trip. We knew we would be going back to our favorite vacation destination, the one we try to make it to every year: Disney World. About 2 weeks ago, Disney released information about their free meal plan deal for the exact time frame we were looking at going, and we immediately jumped at the chance and booked our trip. We’ll be going in late fall, and I can’t wait!

However, this does bring up some unresolved anxieties: Over the past few years and several trips to Florda and one to Vegas, I’ve become VERY uneasy about flying. To be fair, I’ve had some very bad flights recently, and I think they’ve somewhat traumatized me. On our first trip to Disney in 2011, the trip there was completely uneventful and easy, however on the return trip to Boston, we had very bad turbulence the entire time. We flew over multiple lightning storms (you could see the lightning below us out the window of the plane! So freaky) and to make matters worse, I had a horrible cold and as a result, my ears felt like they were going to explode from all the ups and downs the plane was experiencing.

In 2012 we went to Vegas. Again the return trip was particularly nasty. On takeoff, the plane was shaking and bobbing so much that other people on the plane were swearing and freaking out. It was so bad that one of the cabinet doors in the back of the plane (probably one that led to a closet) was slamming back and forth. I was so freaked out, and we still had 5 hours to go at that point.

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And the rest of the flights during those years, while not quite so traumatic, were still no picnic. At this point, I think I can safely say that I have a fear of flying. There’s nothing I hate more than that dropping feeling (hence, why I avoid roller coasters like the plague) and anytime turbulence is a possibility, I start to feel like I’m on a rollercoaster where you can’t see the track. Maybe that’s a little dramatic, but that’s what it’s come to.

Strangely, I remember that as a kid, I had no fear when it came to planes. When my family and I went to Florida when I was 13, I kept a journal for most of the trip. Part of it was written on the plane, and I distinctly remember reading one sentence I had written back then about how the turbulence on the plane was the “fun part” and that I couldn’t understand why my mother was freaking out.

I guess you could say that times have changed – drastically.

The flight to Florida is only about 2 hours and 45 minutes, so technically it shouldn’t be that bad. I know the excitement of going on vacation will overpower my fear until the time comes when we arrive at the airport. Thank goodness for Jetblue and their in-seat TVs, which is the only thing that can distract me while we’re in the air.

Has anyone else experienced a fear of flying? Any tips to get over this fear??

Where did the year go?

by Lisa on Saturday: Dec 29, 2012

There’s officially only two days left in 2012 after today, and I don’t know if you feel the same way, but for me, 2012 flew by in a whirlwind. I know other bloggers are doing their yearly recaps, and I figured now would be a good time for me to do the same. I was going to go month by month, but then I realized that there were some months that went by rather uneventfully, so let’s just focus on the highlights!

D and I took a trip down to New York City! It was the first time he and I had ever gone down together, though we both had spent a good deal of time there separately at various times before we met. The main reason for going down was to see Bjork in concert:

And we also saw Spiderman: Turn off the Dark

In March, we got our geek on and went to see Final Fantasy: Distant Worlds at the Boston Symphony Orchestra. It was actually a great show, even though historically I haven’t been much of a FF fan, but the orchestra played the music from all the games and we had a great time.

In June, we took our first big vacation of the year and went to Vegas! I had been wanting to go to Vegas for quite some time, but never had the opportunity. This was an amazing trip and it felt like we were in a different world. Neither of us had ever been in a desert environment before! We did some gambling, saw some shows and ate at a lot of delicious restaurants.

My 29th birthday! Let the last year of my twenties begin.

(Yes, we have a triple birthday every year for me, my mother and my brother)

We had been waiting all year for this one – our trip to Disney World!

No pictures for this one, but this was the biggest accomplishment of the year. I finally finished paying off my massive student loan debt!!

And those were the highlights of the year! Looking back, it was a pretty good one, and I’m so happy we got to do all the traveling that we did. Next year will be a lot lighter in the travel department because we’ll be saving up our money to hopefully buy our first house.

What’s the biggest thing you’ll remember from 2012?

Vacation Recap: Magic Kingdom and Food

by Lisa on Tuesday: Oct 02, 2012

We were in Disney for 7 days and decided to do the park hopping thing where if you pay a little extra for your tickets, you can go to multiple parks in a day. Therefore, we ended up in Magic Kingdom quite a bit.

Magic Kingdom

How could we not? It has the most things to do and for sure has the most magical atmosphere. Not to mention, my favorite thing about Disney World in general is Tomorrowland, which can also be found there.


I must have been out of my mind when I was booking our plane tickets, because our first day of travel began with a 3:30 AM wakeup call so that we could get to the airport on time for our 6:30AM flight. I don’t know how much sleep I got that night, but it certainly couldn’t have been more than 4 hours. But somehow, both D and I were able to find enough energy to stay at the park until around 8:30 that night, including a nice dinner that we had at Tony’s Italian Bistro.


This was our first formal meal of the trip and the restaurant was one I had wanted to try the previous year, but was unable to due to a lack of reservations (Do you know how far in advance you need to book dinner reservations for Disney?? OMG). I was excited to see what they had to offer.

There was really only one veggie-friendly meal on the menu, but it was one I’ve enjoyed at many other dining establishments over the years, so I went for it. The mushroom ravioli:

Mushroom Ravioli

(Can you see the ravioli under all that cream and cheese?)

It was quite delicious and I enjoyed the long crunchy pieces of what tasted like dried onion that were on top and the flavor of the pesto mixed in.

Our meal plan also allowed us a free dessert, and I was totally excited to see one of my favorite all time desserts on the menu: creme brulee! It was a pistachio creme brulee to be exact and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The custard tasted just like pudding.

Pistachio Creme Brulee

The meal was great, but in just a few hours, my stomach wasn’t too happy because of all the incredibly rich ingredients and in both my entree and dessert. But it was worth it!

New York travels

by Lisa on Monday: Feb 27, 2012

I’m back in Massachusetts now after a weekend away in NYC. It was a great trip, even though it was on the quick side. D and I both took Friday off of work so we could start the drive as early as possible. We left around 9AM, stopped mid-way to eat lunch and arrived around 2. Of course, it decided to start snowing just as we were embarking on the trip, but luckily it didn’t accumulate or slow us down much.

It did, however, continue to rain for the remainder of the day in NY, which put a little bit of a damper on things because we were outside walking around all afternoon and night. Lots of great exercise and sightseeing followed and we decided we wanted to see a show to get out of the rain and to make the most of the fact that we were in the city. We ended up seeing “Spiderman: Turn Off the Dark”, which ended up exceeding all our expectations. The music was amazing and the performance was spot on.

Saturday, we did a LOT more walking (I’m sure we logged a decent amount of miles), and thankfully the weather improved a little bit. We lost the rain, but we gained a tremendous amount of wind. There were high wind warnings all day, and although the temp was in the 40s, it felt absolutely freezing because of it. But again, we persevered and made the most of our day. Saturday was also the day we had been waiting for and the reason we made the trip to NY: We were going to see Bjork!

We had a great time at the concert and both thought Bjork put on an awesome show.

Sunday we hopped back in the car and arrived back home in the late afternoon, exhausted but happy. It was a nice getaway and we got to do some new things, eat some great food and spend some quality time together.

How was your weekend?