Wedding Thoughts and Updates

by Lisa on Thursday: Mar 31, 2016

Today’s Thinking Out Loud is going to be based on what’s been on my mind non-stop: my upcoming wedding! We’re now slightly less than 3 months out from the big day, so it’s no surprise that there’s a lot to think and talk about.

Thinking Out Loud

  1. Two weeks ago, D’s sister and I went to look at bridesmaids dresses. I wasn’t sure what we were going to find, or even what I was hoping for other than the color being purple. However, it didn’t take us long at all to find a beautiful, long purple gown that fit all the requirements of the other girls. It was so much easier than I thought it would be to find something, and since then, all the girls have ordered their dresses!
  2. The day after that, D and I visited a florist that had been recommended to us by our venue. We met at her home, and she was extremely sweet and accommodating to what we did and didn’t want. She didn’t even seem to mind when D prefaced our appointment with the statement: “My fiancee doesn’t like flowers” (which is true – I don’t). Flowers – booked!
  3. Last week, our order of invitations arrived. They came out great! I was nervous during the ordering process that some detail was going to get messed up, but it turns out I had nothing to worry about.
  4. Now I have 100 invitations strewn about on my dining room table waiting for me to do all the addressing, stamping, stuffing and sending.
  5. Before I can send them out though, I have to finish putting together our wedding website. I decided to code one from scratch, since I am a web developer and all. It hasn’t been too much work to get something up, but there are a few details left and a lot of pictures to add. Then we’re good to go!
  6. Also this week we met up with our officiant for the second time to go over our choices for the ceremony. She told us we were really on top of things and organized (that’s one of the biggest compliments anyone can give me “you’re so organized!” 🙂
  7. Next week we’re going back to the cake shop to finalize our cake design. We think we know what we want, and it’s just a matter of printing out some ideas we found online and bringing them with us.
  8. As if that wasn’t enough wedding activity for the past few weeks, this coming weekend we scheduled a dance lesson so we can start working on our first dance. Then on Sunday, I’m going to pick up my wedding dress, which has already come in.
  9. I’m super nervous to try it on, but at least this isn’t going to be a fitting appointment. Apparently they want you to come in to pick it up and pay the balance first, and then schedule a fitting afterward.
  10. And, last but not least, my bridal shower is scheduled for two weeks from this coming Sunday! We have already begun receiving gifts in the mail from people who won’t be able to attend. It’s been unexpected and fun.

Whew! That was a whirlwind. I knew we’d been busy lately, but putting it all down at once makes me realize how much it really has been.


Tell me one of your random thoughts from the week!

If you’re engaged/married, what was the most fun part of the planning process? The most stressful?

10 Things on My Wedding To Do List

by Lisa on Thursday: Jan 14, 2016

Happy Thursday! It’s time to link up with Thinking Out Loud, and what am I thinking about today? My wedding to do list. Here are ten things I have left to do:

  1. Picking out wedding bands: I’m pretty sure this will be easier than it was to pick out the engagement ring, but I know D is going to be pretty selective about his own ring. I think we might go and start browsing this weekend!
  2. Finishing the registry: We’ve got the majority of things picked, but there are still a few items left including China and some odds and ends.
  3. Ordering a cake: Perhaps we’ll do some cake tasting this weekend too!
  4. Ordering invitations: Having just sent out our save the dates, I feel like I know what to expect going into this one.
  5. Picking the featured songs: For instance father/daughter dance, mother/son dance, etc. We do already have our first dance song picked out though! Interestingly, we’ve known what that would be since the first year we dated.
  6. Planning and booking the honeymoon: We’re pretty set on Italy as the destination. Now to book it!
  7. Bridesmaids dresses: This one is going to be slightly difficult because the majority of the bridal party lives out of state. Because of this, I’ve been avoiding even thinking about this to do! I need to get on that.
  8. D’s tux and the outfits for the men
  9. Writing vows: If it was up to me, we wouldn’t be writing our own vows. Something about having to speak aloud to everyone I know the deepest feelings I have freaks me out. That’s the introvert in me coming out. However, this is very important to D, so I’m on board.
  10. Picking the menu, bar options and appetizers: Luckily our venue provides all food, so it’s only a matter of selecting from a (very extensive) menu and letting them know what we decide. Both D and I have Italian families that are very enthusiastic about their food and drink, so this is important!

So there’s the ten that came to mind first! I could go on and on and on about the remaining things we have to do – it’s a never ending list! I’m pretty excited about doing the things we have left, and I can’t believe we’re closing in on the five month mark.

Thinking Out Loud


When was the last time you went to a wedding?

What did you like/dislike about the last wedding you attended?

So I Went Wedding Dress Shopping

by Lisa on Sunday: Nov 15, 2015

Before I begin today’s post, I want to acknowledge the events in Paris on Friday night. I started hearing about what was happening before I left work that night, and then followed along on social media and the news for a few hours afterward. Thoughts and prayers go out to all who were affected by these horrible events.


Last Saturday was a big day in the wedding planning journey because… I went wedding dress shopping!

To be honest, I was sort of dreading this day because I didn’t think it was going to go well, and I was anticipating a lot of frustration. This is mostly because I’ve never had much luck finding clothes I like of any kind in the past, combined with not having my bridesmaids local to go shopping with me, and topped off by the fact that I’m not nearly at the weight I want to be for trying on dresses.

However, I psyched myself up and reminded myself that this is one of those events that comes along once in a lifetime and is something that I should be having fun with. I was as prepared as I could possibly be going into the day. I had spent the week prior scouring the dress websites and making documents of the dresses I liked so that I could print them and take them with me. I had also been browsing through Brides magazine for a few months (thanks to a gift I had received last Christmas of a subscription).

Brides Magazine

I had a lot of trouble finding dresses I liked in the magazines. The style I was anticipating going for was a ballgown with sparkle – but no lace, flowers, feathers or tulle. I like the “clean lines” look and the smoother fabrics. The pictures I printed out represented this.

I had made two appointments for the day and my parents were accompanying me, though my mother was the only one who came into the shops. The first shop was the “fancier” of the two and had a ton of dresses and designers available. When I got there, we were assigned a sales associate who would be helping me and she showed me around to the designers that fell within my budget. Right off the bat, I found it difficult to find anything that fit my style profile that I mentioned above, but I did spot a few ballgowns that had at least a little bit of sparkle going on. When I tried them on though, I realized something else that I needed to add to my “must have” list: straps. The strapless look did not work with my body type at all, and I was constantly pulling up on the dresses, worrying that they were showing too much skin.

After about an hour and a half there and 5 or 6 dresses that I tried on, I decided to call it quits at that shop. They were very nice there, but there was just nothing that was working for me. So, off we went to shop #2.

Of course, during the drive between shops, I was getting down about the fact that this might be a failed mission, and that the day would end without a dress. We got to the second shop about a half hour early for our appointment, and after checking in, they told us to just browse around until our assigned associate was available. This was an interesting development because we weren’t given the chance to browse around on our own at the first shop, and it proved to make all the difference.

Right off the bat, I found 3 dresses that fit exactly what I had discovered I wanted while shopping at the first store. We pulled 5 dresses total and had them ready to go before the sales associate even came over to help. This shop was a completely different experience than the first and almost every dress I tried on was a hit.

The third one I tried on in that store ended up being the one. I can’t share too many details about it because D may read this post, but I’m very excited about it, and to make things even better, the dress came in under budget!

In conclusion, I don’t think I had so much to dread in advance of going shopping. I’m a worrier by nature, and I think that was just my anxious side coming out. Overall I’m very happy with the dress I chose, and I can’t wait to see it again when it eventually comes in, especially because I anticipate having lost more of the weight by then. Purchasing a dress really made the whole “I’m getting married” thing feel much more real than it has thus far.


For those who have been married, what did your dress look like?

Anyone else have a hard time shopping for clothes?

Wedding Planning Updates

by Lisa on Saturday: Oct 31, 2015

Happy Halloween everyone! I hope you’re all having a relaxing Saturday morning and getting ready for some fun tonight. In the meantime, I wanted to update you on what’s been happening in the land of wedding planning.

As you may have read before on the blog, my wedding is coming up in June and D and I are in full wedding planning mode trying to get everything booked and figured out. Here’s what we’ve been doing lately:

One of the most significant things that has happened recently is that our parents met each other for the first time! We had been trying to make this happen for a while, but it was a crazy year for everyone involved and the meeting kept getting pushed farther and farther out. Last Saturday was finally the day. I invited my parents and D’s mother over to our house and we had a nice lunch with snacks, desserts and sandwiches. Being that they are all from the same town, and had similar Italian upbringings, I was hoping they would find a lot to talk about, but of course everyone was nervous ahead of time. Well, we had no reason to be, because the day was a huge success. I’m relieved this meeting has finally happened and that everyone now knows each other. The next step is to get our siblings to meet.

In other news, I’m exactly one week away from going to try on wedding gowns. For some reason, this has been the thing that has been freaking me out the most. I’ve never been much of a shopper, especially for clothes, and I’ve been known to be extremely picky. I’ve booked appointments at two shops and I’ve been trying to research dresses and figure out what I think I might want. I’m hoping this goes well. Wish me luck!

Brides Magazine

Two things are fully secured at this point: the DJ and the hotel block where our guests will be staying. We’re in talks with a wedding officiant who is actually presiding over our friend’s wedding which we will be attending tomorrow. It’s perfect timing to attend another person’s wedding in general because we can take a whole bunch of mental notes on how the day goes and maybe get some ideas.

It seems no matter how much we get done, there’s still a ton more to do. We also have to start thinking about getting “engagement” pictures (I put that in quotes because we’ve been engaged for more than a year at this point) to put on our save the date cards, and then send those out. I’m trying to focus on one task at a time so as not to get too overwhelmed.


Anyone have any tips on engagement pictures?

If you’re married/engaged where did you take yours?

Wedding Planning Adventures

by Lisa on Thursday: Oct 08, 2015

My wedding is now a short 8 months away, and planning has finally kicked into high gear. We certainly could have started earlier, but there were several other events this year that took up a lot of time and planning energy. However, once we returned from Disney, we got our butts in gear.

Erin Condren Wedding Planner

I started by ordering a customized Erin Condren wedding planner, which I’d had my eye on, but I hadn’t been sure I wanted make the splurge. Then, as I was ordering my 2016 life planner from the same company, I decided to just go for it. You only plan a wedding once, right?? The planner is beautiful and I’ve started taking it to our vendor meetings and keeping all the information consolidated in there.

Tonight we had a meeting with a potential DJ, and thankfully, we ended up really liking him. D and I are going to have some non-traditional music scattered about throughout the evening and we wanted to make sure the DJ would be able to get the songs we want.

The next very important thing I’ll be doing is going dress shopping. For some reason, this is what scares me the most! I’ve never been very fond of clothes shopping, and I find that I’m very picky and that it’s hard to find things that look really great on me. This could be a long day (or series of days)!

We still have so many decisions to make and so many vendors to pick out. It’s a big task, and I have to admit, it’s been a little stressful. D has had to remind me to take a step back and relax a little because this is all supposed to be fun. He’s completely right, but as the designated planner and worrier of the relationship, that can be somewhat difficult for me to do.

We’re chugging along though, and with any luck our wedding will be exactly what we planned.


Anyone else out there getting married in spring/summer of next year?