Staying Sane While Crazy Busy

by Lisa on Sunday: May 05, 2013

This has been one of those weeks where I’ve felt like I had no time whatsoever to relax. Between thinking about/planning house stuff, dealing with a very aggressive work deadline, fitting in workouts and trying to keep our home running, it’s been a little on the crazy side. I can usually deal with stress pretty well, but when everything goes crazy at the same time, it can be a little difficult not to go crazy yourself.

Here are some things I do when I’m feeling overwhelmed with life to stay sane:

Video Games
A Link to The Past

I’ve been a fan of video games since I was a little kid, and there’s nothing that takes you away from your own troubles more than throwing on a game and losing yourself in another world. D and I recently downloaded A Link to The Past on the Wii (pic above) and have been playing that for some nostalgia. I love the Link and Mario series, but we also love to throw on newer games like Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest and variety of others.

Just Dance

Speaking of games – and I’m sure this is not a shock to anyone who’s read my blog for more than a few entries – one of the best stress-relieving games out there is Just Dance. When I’m having a stressful day at work, sometimes I’ll come home for lunch and throw on the game for a little while. I also love that this counts as a workout, and I really get my heart-rate up when playing!

Get Out in Nature

I’m lucky enough to live and work in an area that, while still close enough to the city of Boston, has a quiet, somewhat naturey feel to it. Sometimes I’ll just go for a walk and look at the birds, the geese and whatever other wildlife happens to be out that day. It helps remind me that whatever problem I’m trying to work out on the computer isn’t the end of the world.

Plan A Vacation

There’s nothing like getting away from it all and taking a luxurious vacation, if it’s something you can swing. Last year, D and I went to Disney World and Vegas and each trip was amazing in its own way. The best part is, it’s not just the act of taking the vacation that helps relieve stress, but planning one and knowing it’s on the horizon is a great way to stay motivated during long, seemingly endless work weeks. We’re going to try to go to Disney again this year (it’s our favorite spot), and once things are a little more figured out with the house, we’ll start planning the details.


And there’s nothing wrong at all with sitting back at the end of a long day, throwing on a care-free movie or tv show and having a glass of wine.

How do you keep yourself going when life is stressful? Any big vacations planned for 2013?

Randomness from The Week

by Lisa on Saturday: Feb 16, 2013

Happy weekend everyone! It’s been another long, stressful week over here with that work deadline I mentioned last week looming. You know it’s bad when you go home at the end of a long day and have dreams about it! I’m hoping the worst is over in terms of work stress for the month (fingers crossed…) and that things can get back to normal.

During the work week, I fit in two bootcamp workouts, one “fun” workout and then took off two days due to lack of time. I just finished up another bootcamp session, though I have to admit that I didn’t do it all. I was lacking motivation and my body wasn’t cooperating with certain moves. I still feel like I got in a decent workout, but not as good as it could have been.

In other news, Thursday was Valentine’s day, and D and I went out for a casual dinner and exchanged cards. We decided that we wouldn’t do presents this year — and for good reason. In the month of December we have D’s birthday, followed by Christmas. In January, we have our half anniversary (which, yes we still celebrate :), and we both went all out with presents during those events. We still had a great time together on V-Day without presents and it was sort of nice keeping things low key.

We’re still sort of reeling from the blizzard here, and that snow just doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. I walk to work, but all the paths I usually take were completely blocked off this week. I climbed over so many snow mountains and stepped through ocean-sized puddles this week!


(Yes, there’s a car under there somewhere.)

How was your week? Did you celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Housebound And Hunkered Down

by Lisa on Saturday: Feb 09, 2013

What a week! I’ve been a little MIA from the blogging world for the past few days, not by choice, but because every crazy thing in the world decided to happen all at the same time. Work was insane, and I worked late pretty much every night. My stress level was off the charts because of that and a huge deadline that we’re trying to meet at the office.

On top of that, my father went for some tests this week to see if his heart is okay. Thankfully, he got the all clear after a stress test on Thursday and we can all breathe a little bit of a sign of relief. However, we also found out earlier this week that his cousin has inoperable liver/pancreas cancer and things are going downhill fast. Such a sad situation for the family.

And, in case you haven’t heard, Boston got hit with a gigantic blizzard yesterday. We got about 2 feet of snow in total. D and I have not yet ventured outside to dig out our cars (something that will surely take hours) because the windchill today was hovering somewhere around 1 degree Fahrenheit. The storm was so bad that the governor banned ALL travel starting at 4PM yesterday, meaning that you couldn’t get in your car to go anywhere, even if you wanted/had to. They were threatening to put you in jail for up to a year if you were out on the road! I’ve never in my life heard of anything like that.

I’ll have to take some pics when we go out tomorrow to shovel, but I’ve seen a few crazy ones flying around on facebook and otherwise. Like this one from down at the beach:


After this week and everything that happened, I’ve never been so happy to be stuck in the house. D and I are being very productive – cleaning, organizing and doing everything that we’ve neglected.

Were you affected by the blizzard? How is your weekend going?

The Perfect Time for A Workout

by Lisa on Tuesday: Feb 05, 2013

And the award for the perfect time for a workout goes to… while procrastinating!

Today was quite the stressful day at the office. There’s a big deadline looming and I have a lot of work to do to meet it. Today was one of those days where I worked through lunch, left the office at 5 and came home to sign back on and continue working for a few more hours. Not only is it hard to have days like that mentally, but physically it can also be tough because our bodies get bored and restless when sitting in a chair for hours and hours and hours on end.

When I left the office, even despite the knowledge that I still had work ahead of me, I decided to throw on my workout clothes and do my bootcamp workout. I wanted to spend an hour doing something physical rather than mental to clear my mind and help me calm down from the stress of the day.

The workout was SUPER tough, but I think it did the job. These past few days, my workouts have been making me feel so much calmer and focused after they’re over. Maybe it’s because they require so much physical exertion that my mind gets a very rare break. Who knows why it is? But either way, I’m liking it.

Also, knowing that when I finished the workout I would have to get back to working made me want to keep working out so I didn’t have to get back on the computer so quickly 🙂

I’m behind on the official Fitmixer workout schedule because I started one week late and because of the days I took off last week when my hip was hurting. I’m officially one day away from finishing week 2 of the workouts. I’m going to hang in there for the full 8 weeks!

I hope everyone’s week is off to a good start!

Just What I Didn’t Need to See

by Lisa on Tuesday: Jan 08, 2013

My office is nice enough to provide us a kitchen stocked full of free food and drinks. This is a new thing my department started doing over the past 3-4 months, and I have to say that it’s been pretty nice to just walk over to the kitchen and grab a diet coke or a granola bar without having to shell out any vending machine money. The choices haven’t been the most exciting, but I wasn’t going to complain.

Well, today I went in there to fill up my water bottle and what did I see? Temptations EVERYWHERE. First of all, there was a box of snack-sized bags of Doritos, Cheetos and other types of chips sitting right on top of the cabinet. Right next to it was yet another box filled with sweet snacks (cookies, rice krispie treats, etc). And then inside the cabinet was the most surprising of all: full sized candy bars.

Well, I somehow mostly restrained myself (I did help myself to one of the Doritos bags, though they are the smaller size of only 1 oz), but I can foresee this being a huge source of temptation over the next few weeks and months while I’m trying to get in shape.

I’ve written before about how food in the office can be a big source of temptation, and it’s just one of those situations where I’ll have to exercise willpower. Can I do it?


This is the first full week back to the grind after all the holiday miscellany of the past few weeks. I’ve been doing pretty good with waking up early most days to get in my workout before the day starts. However, it is kind of sobering to know that there will be no days off for quite some time to come. I don’t even know for sure what the next holiday we get actually is, but there sure isn’t one this month.

The thing that’s keeping me in high spirits more than anything is focusing on my goals. I’ve found that it’s very important for my mental state for me to have something outside of work that I can work on and a goal to strive for.

How are you dealing with the first full week back to the grind?
Does your office tempt you with junk food?